Feng Shui Bagua Life Aspiration Theory


In today’s world, there’s little we can do with macro-level Feng Shui since it involves external landscape such as mountain formation and rivers. There is, however, an alternative that works out just effectively. Feng Shui experts believe that symbolism Feng Shui and five-element cures are easy to apply and help enhance one’s life 8 aspirations, namely wealth, career, love, fame, health, mentor, descendant, and education luck. This school of study is called the Feng Shui Bagua Formula.

Feng Shui Bagua Formula

Feng Shui Bagua Formula is a popular Feng Shui stream that’s adopted and embraced by many Feng Shui experts and practitioners worldwide. This Feng Shui formula is linked with the secrets of Bagua and the I-Ching theory. The Feng Shui Bagua Formula has brought about unbelievable effects at an amazing speed by people who have applied it to their homes or offices.

The house or office can be divided into eight sectors. Based on the Feng Shui Bagua Formula, each sector is governed by a Trigram in the Bagua, associated with certain elements, number, color, and shape, and represents different body parts, members of the family, and luck or aspiration.

Feng Shui Bagua Table

Career Luck Water Black/
Wavy Middle son Kidneys, Waist, Ear
Love &
Big Earth Brown Square Mother/
Stomach, Muscle, Mouth
Health &
Family Luck
Big Wood Dark Green Rectangle First son Liver, Pancreas, Limbs, Tongue
Wealth &
Money Luck
Small Wood Light Green Rectangle First daughter Liver, Limbs, Pancreas, Tongue
Household’s General Luck Earth Brown Square Everyone
Patriarch Luck
Big Metal Metallic/
Circle Father/
Lungs, Skin, Bone, Nose
Descendants’ & Children Luck Small Metal White Circle Youngest daughter Lungs, Skin, Bone, Nose
Education Luck Small Earth Yellow/
Square Youngest son Stomach, Muscle, Mouth
Fame & Recognition Fire Red Triangle Middle daughter Heart, Blood, Eyes


Feng Shui Bagua Explanation


The direction of the north has the Kan Kua, and its element is water. Its aspiration is wisdom, career, and employment luck, and it belongs to the black tortoise. The person represented by this is the middle son. If a house doesn’t have a proper north sector, inmates may suffer from ear, kidney, or prostate gland problems. The number related to this direction is 1, the shape is wavy, and the color black or blue.


The big earth element owns this direction which has the Kun Kua. The person symbolized by Kun is the mother or mother-in-law. Linked to the matriarch, the southwest is said to influence love and romance luck. In the health segment, it rules over the stomach. The colour of the southwest sector is brown, the shape is square, and the number is 2.


This sector’s element is wood; this direction has Chen Kua, which is directly linked to the first son. This means a house without a proper east sector will not have a son. Even if residents of such a house have a boy child, they will be a weak child with several health issues. Chen is linked to the arms, legs, gallbladder, and liver. Keeping a dragon in the east corner is an effective way to enhance the chi. East favours dark green, and its shape is a rectangle while the number is 3.


This is the home of Sun Kua and is owned by a small wood. This direction represents the eldest daughter. Wealth and money fortune depends on the good feng shui of this direction. If inmates of the house have problems related to legs, spine, or hipbones or conditions such as arthritis, it may be because of an afflicted or missing southeast sector. The southeast’s shape is a rectangle, color, light green, while the number is 4.


This direction has the Chien Kua, and it is associated with the big metal element. The man of the family, the father or grandfather, is represented by the Chien. While it represents the head of the family, its health segment also usually affects the head, bones, or lungs. A beam or sharp articles in the northwest corner may be why frequent headaches or lung problems affect the head of the family. This direction’s aspiration is the benefactor luck or mentor luck.

It’s important to check the northwest sector of the house because a house without a northwest corner will pose several problems to the house’s men; it may even be fatal. Such a house restricts men from entering the household, so a single lady staying in a house without an NW sector will find it hard to find the right suitor. The colour of the northwest is metallic, silver or gold. Its shape is a circle while the number is 6.


This direction has Tui Kua and is controlled by small metal. It symbolizes the youngest lady in the house, be it daughter or wife. On the one hand, it’s said to influence fertility-related matters, while on the other, it has health effects corresponding to the tongue, mouth, lung, throat, and voice. The West’s number is 7, the shape is a circle while colour can be white, gold or silver. The tiger symbol largely influences the West. It governs the descendant’s luck, the luck to have children and grandchildren.


This small earth element direction has the Ken Kua; this stands for achievement in education. This corner governs academic and scholastic luck and would be ideal for a study room. It symbolizes hands and fingers. The colour of this sector is yellow, shape square, and number 8. It is associated with the youngest son in the family.


This direction is linked to the Li Kua and the fire element. The Phoenix is the ruling body of this direction which symbolizes the middle daughter. This is the governing direction for fame and family prestige luck. Li Kua identifies problems related to the eye or ear. The shape, colour, and number associated with this direction are triangle, red, and 9, respectively.

How to enhance life aspirations with the Feng Shui Bagua Formula

So how can you use Feng Shui Bagua Formula to better your life? How can you activate and enhance your eight life’s aspirations with the Feng Shui Bagua Formula?

You can increase the element belonging to the sector governing the life aspiration you wish to enhance. For instance, if you wish to boost your career aspiration, check out the sector linked to career luck, which is north. Its element is water. So, enhance its water element by placing a water feature or an enhancer blue in color in the north sector of your house. This should work to improve your career luck.

5-Elements productive cycle

You do not have to limit yourself to the element each sector represents, as you can activate a sector using the 5-elements Productive cycle theory. You can understand this theory better after you take a look at the 5-Elements productive cycle ;

  • Fire produces earth
  • Earth produces metal
  • Metal produces water
  • Water produces wood
  • Wood produces fire

This way, you can enhance the water element in the North by using metal elements because metal produces water. Else, you can use the shape, Feng Shui color, or a number of each sector to add energy to that sector’s element. For instance, the fire element in the south can be boosted by filling the direction with the color red, enhancing recognition luck. Bring in squarish objects in the Northeast to boost luck related to education and keep a metal wind chime in the Northwest corner to activate mentor luck.

Destructive elements

Naturally, avoid using destructive elements in the sector.

  • Fire destroys metal
  • Earth destroys water
  • Metal destroys wood
  • Water destroys fire
  • Wood destroys earth

Feng Shui experts have another technique to boost positive energy in the sector governing particular luck; display auspicious Feng Shui symbols related to the particular sector’s direction to activate the positive energy. However, you want to improve your career luck, you can display a Ru Yi or Dragon Tortoise in the north sector; if you want to improve your health, keep a Wu Lou or Peaches of immortality in the East. For romance, a pair of Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks in the Southwest sector would work like magic!

So what are the apparent benefits of symbolism Feng Shui? It infuses positive thinking, increases focus and creativity, helps in self-motivation, and ensures success through its constructive environment. All these qualities will make us more open to our surroundings and enable us to absorb the positive energy from the modified chi. This way, our energy levels are boosted to help us make the best of every situation.


NORTHWEST – Display Kwan Kung here to bring you the luck of helpful people and wise mentors. Paintings or statues of Fuk Luk Sau and Metal Windchimes may also be placed here.
NORTH – Display a Dragon Tortoise or Dragon here for a great boost to your career luck! Water Features and Arowanas are also good energizers for the North.
NORTHEAST – Display Crystal globes or crystal points here for the wonderful education and knowledge luck! The Dragon Carp or Pagoda are other excellent energizers you can use.
WEST – Display a pair of Elephants here to improve fertility and descendant luck! Place Crystal Globes here to give you smart kids.
CENTER – Display crystal balls such as Star of David Crystal Balls to promote family harmony and general well-being.
EAST – Display a Wulou or Tortoise here for good health energy. The Laughing Buddha also makes a great energizer for the East!
SOUTHWEST – Display a pair of Mandarin Ducks here to activate for love and marriage luck! You may also place Mystic Knots and Love Gem Trees here.
SOUTH – Display paintings of statues of Horse here to enhance fame and recognition luck! Phoenix figurines and Lights make good energizers here.
SOUTHEAST – Display Citrine Trees or Wealth ships laden with Gold ingots and Crystal Chips in the Southeast for abundant wealth luck. Place Money Frog, Wealth God, or Wealth Pot here.