14 Simple Ways to Enhance Helpful people in Feng Shui

The helpful people sector in classical Feng Shui is called a mentor luck sector. You can see this sector in the northwest corner of your home or office. 

1. Make use of the Nine Emperors Coins

These Nine Emperors coins tied together with auspicious red thread and end with two Oriental tassels is an auspicious wealth and luck enhancersFirstly, you can also use the Ching Dynasty’s powerful Nine Emperors coins. The number nine represents completion and wholeness in feng shui. The power of the Ching Dynasty is embodied in these coins. As well as that, it is said that whoever hangs the coins in the helpful people sector will receive blessings. Apart from this, the coins are said to summon the spirits of the nine emperors and other nobles to assist you in achieving your desired status.


2. Use Religious or Spiritual Beliefs as Representations

Buddha sculpture in summer Kathmandu NepalSecondly, place a religious statue such as God, Buddha or saint in the northwest sector. Choose a metal Buddha statue for your corner in your office. In addition to this, Kwan Kung is the God of war and will be more powerful if you place him in the northwest sector. Therefore, choose a metal relief panel or a Buddha statue.


3. Hang the six metal coins

This is a Six Chinese Coins amulet stringed in series with a bright red string with a Mystic knot and a tassel to empower the Chi of the coins.Thirdly, for big metal, you could go with something simple like six Chinese metal coins tied together with a red cord or ribbon. The metal round shapes are used to bring the metal element to life.


4. Add a Metal Bell or Gong to the mix

A wonderful and extremely auspicious amulet made up of many great Feng Shui symbols.

Fourthly, a metal bell or metal gong can be placed in the northwest corner of your home or office.


5. Add Tokens or images of mentors 

Fifthly, If you have a specific person in mind for whom you wish to be a mentor, you can represent them with a token. You might admire someone who is an expert in your field. In the northwest corner of your office or home, you can display a book written by this person, an article about them, a business card, or even a photograph of them.


Examples of a Professional Mentor

In the meantime, an artist who admires a particular artist might use their image or one of their works of art in the northwest sector as an example. If you choose this style of representation in the northwest, make sure the photo or artwork is framed in metal.


6. Make Use Of Round Metal Objects

A rose gold metallic bedside table lamp

Sixthly, the round is a shape that symbolizes the metal element. Gradually, you can use metal objects that are round to activate the northwest sector. Make sure to place the metal in the northwest sector with a metallic frame.


7.  Add Metal Elements Northwest Sector

Furthermore, you can use the same guidelines to activate this sector for whatever reason you need helpful people in your life. To continue, metal represents Northwest. Use metal elements to activate your mentor sector. 


8. Activate People Who Can Help in the Northwest Sector

Moreover, Activate the Northwest sector in your home or office by introducing yourself to a mentor or influential individual. So, by activating this, you can develop well in your career, spiritual growth and academic studies.


9. Hang Wind Chimes made of metal

This is an old-school Bagua with an image of a Yin Yang or Tai Ji in its center.

Furthermore, A 6-hollow rod wind chime is one of the metal items you can use to activate your helpful people sector. In the same way, hang it in the northwest corner of your home or in the northwest corner of your office from the ceiling.


10. Hang Metal Picture frames

Subsequently, use a round metal picture frame to introduce the metal element in the northwest sector. As well as for the frames, choose art or photos that reflect your ideal of helpful people. This could be photos of you at work or a project you need assistance with.


11. Use colour tones to emphasize metal

Importantly, use a metallic colour to represent this powerful element. For the northwest corner of your house, go with grey, gold, white, or copper. In this case, use this colour to paint the entire room or as an accent wall. Following, decorate draperies, furnishings, artwork and accent pieces with one or more of these colours. 


12. Add Big metal symbol

This is an old-school Bagua with an image of a Yin Yang or Tai Ji in its center.

Generally, Big metal is the name given to the trigram Chien. Three unbroken lines stacked on top of each other make up the trigram Chien. Definitely, Use this symbol in the northwest sector.


13. Place a Rooster made from Brass in the sector

The brass Rooster is depicted with a well-shaped beak and eyes on full alert.For the most part, place a brass rooster in your northwest mentor luck sector. The rooster is a symbol of power and influence. In a word, The bronze rooster invites helpful people to help you achieve your goals if you want to climb the corporate ladder and need more opportunities. Indeed, Make sure the rooster is facing your office or the northwest corner of your house, not out a window or door.

14. Display Fuk Luk Sau figurines

Fuk Luk Sau is made from brass, this set of Fuk Luk Sau will last for generations.

Lastly, The three immortals are Fuk Luk Sau. Fuk (good luck), Luk (financial success), and Sau (success) are some of their names (longevity). Place them in the northwest. Certainly, align the Fuk Luk Sau, from left to right and arrange them in order.


What Not to Put in the Sector of Helpful People

You don’t want to put a few things in your helpful people/mentor sector. Avoid main objects like pointed or sharp-edged objects, as these can form a poison arrow.