Feng Shui Balcony


The balcony, like your house’s Qi absorption location, is the first line of defence against evil spirits entering your home. Since it is so similar to nature, both auspicious and inauspicious Qi will enter and leave here. The balcony is as important to you as the eyes are in a home. In terms of Feng Shui and life, any home without a balcony has a significant disadvantage. As a result, the Feng Shui of your balcony is essential to you and your family, and its direction, furnishings, and layout have an impact on your family’s health and fortune.

Which Balcony Directions Are The Best?

A balcony with good direction, ventilation, and lighting, as well as a broad view and the best possible harmony with nature, will make you feel at ease and relaxed. As a result, the terrace’s orientation is important. In general, south-facing and east-facing are the safest orientations. “The Purple Air comes from the East,” as the Chinese proverb goes. “Purple Air” denotes a favourable omen in this case. If it enters your home through the east-facing balcony, it will bring harmony and happiness to your family.

A south-facing terrace provides a comfortable living environment in the Northern Hemisphere because the wind from the south is warm, moist, and intoxicating; however, a west-facing or north-facing balcony is not recommended because the north-facing would bring the cold wind from the north, while the west-facing cannot let in the sunshine except in the afternoon or dissipate the hot air in the evening, which is bad feng shui.

Which Plants Can You Grow On Your Balcony?

In Feng Shui, the location of the balcony is crucial. If there are ominous surroundings outside the balcony, some plants, particularly those with thorns, such as cactus, rose, and Chinese rose, will drive away from the evil spirits and protect your home. To ward off evil spirits and protect your home, hylocereus, euphorbia, and calabash are the best plants to use. Choose plants that are evergreen and robust, such as rohdea, sago cycas, kaffir lily, pachira, and zamioculcas, to help your family thrive. You must look after your plants to save them from withering and sweep up fallen leaves as soon as possible. Otherwise, you would experience negative consequences because the cleanliness of the terrace is also essential for the Feng Shui of the balcony.

Balcony Feng Shui Recommendations
  • Make an auspicious display on the balcony.
    If your balcony has bad Feng Shui, you can use a trigram mirror to ward off evil spirits. Additionally, you should erect at least one statue of an auspicious beast, such as Kirin, Pi Xiu, or Lucky Dragon, to ward off evil spirits.
  • To keep bad spirits out, drape a curtain over the opening.
    Feng Shui emphasises the importance of avoiding direct conflict. If your balcony is directly facing the evil spirits and it is difficult to enclose the balcony or drive the evil spirits away, you should hang a curtain to keep the evil spirits out.
  • The balcony should be ventilated on a regular basis.
    The balcony, according to geomancy, is a “port of Qi absorption,” which ventilates and absorbs sunlight to keep the house warm and sterilised. Without adequate ventilation for an extended period of time, your home can become stuffy and damp, and your furniture and walls can become mouldy. To keep your home fresh and comfortable, make sure to ventilate it. To ensure that the house is well ventilated, open the balcony windows first thing in the morning.

Balcony Layout Do’s and Don’ts
  • Animals should not be raised on the veranda.
    Many families will raise livestock on their verandas due to a lack of living space. Your family’s fortune will be directly affected if you neglect to clean up the animal excrement and foul odour.
  • Make sure your balcony isn’t a jumble.
    Your balcony must be unobstructed because it acts as the air inlet for your home. If you jumble your sundries, your chances of making money will be harmed, and the sundries will generate dust and accumulate bad luck.
  • No mirrors.
    It is not a good idea to have a mirror on your balcony because it attracts evil spirits and is bad for your health. A mirror facing the outside is said to ward off both bad spirits and good fortune. You should only put a mirror outside if there is a clearly evil spirit present. Otherwise, it would do you more harm than good.