Feng Shui Bathroom Colors and Elements

feng shui bathroom colors

Bathrooms have a bad reputation in feng shui. That’s because the bathroom has water and drains, all of which are related to your finances, as well as your emotions. You may have heard the term “flush your money down the drain,” which explains the relationship between feng shui, your bathroom, and finances. If you take good care of the energy in your bathroom, this should not present a problem. However, with feng shui, it can get more complex.

Your Bathroom’s Location on the Bagua

If you’re familiar with feng shui, you’ll know where your bathroom is located within the Bagua. A Bagua is a feng shui map of your home. Every area of the map represents a different aspect of your life, including family, career, health, wealth, and travel. You might have a bathroom in the love area or the money area. You might also have a bathroom above the bedroom or a bathroom above the main entry. In each of these cases, you would have to constantly keep an eye on the energy of your bathroom to keep the overall energy of your home fresh, stable, and harmonious. With any bathroom location, it’s mostly a matter of keeping its energy clean and clutter-free. A clean bathroom with clear counters and a spa-like vibe help you have clarity of thought.

Shut Everything in the Bathroom

To improve the feng shui in your bathroom, you need to keep a few things closed at all times. It’s a classic feng shui tip to keep the bathroom door closed even when no one is using the space. Also, keep the toilet lid down to keep your finances from being flushed away. If possible, close your drains when they aren’t in use.

When Water Meets Metal

You may also need to balance the elements in the bathroom. Bathrooms do have predominant water energy, which weakens the metal feng shui element. If your bathroom is located in the West or Northwest area of a Bagua, you’ll have to balance water and metal, for example. You’ll want to make an effort and be conscious of strengthening the metal energy and weakening the water-energy for a bathroom in the West or Northwest. Earth feng shui elements will help you the most with that, as earth strengthens the metal and weakens water in the relationship of the five feng shui elements. For this balancing, use choose earth and metal feng shui colors in a West or Northwest bathroom.

  • Use light yellow and sandy colors for earth or white and gray colors for metal.
  • Limit the watercolors, which are blue and black tones.
  • Limit a strong presence of mirrors, as they bring in water energy.
  • Include touches of white for purity and cleanliness.
  • Add touches of green (even if it’s a plant) to signify new growth and new beginnings.
When Water Meets Fire

If your bathroom is in the South or Southeast part of your home’s Bagua, you symbolically have the element of fire dousing the element of water. Your finances or your reputation may be drowning. Quick fixes might be to add nine red candles in your bathroom. Nine symbolizes fame, and red adds more fire to overcome the water. Or, add a bamboo plant, which is a wood element, to enhance wealth and abundance.

Focus on creating a powerful presence of the necessary feng shui elements in a subtle, harmonious decor scheme for your bathroom. Good energy in a bathroom will be alive, pure, and vibrant. With the right touches, you’re sure to remedy any potentially challenging bathroom location.