Feng Shui Bathrooms, Feng Shui Laundry Rooms, and Feng Shui Closets

The bathroom has one of the worst possible reputations in feng shui. Some notorious bad locations are a bathroom in the centre of your home or a bathroom in a love and relationship feng shui area. Here you can learn about the best location and design of feng shui bathroom, feng shui laundry room, and feng shui closet or storage spaces.

When you can design a floor plan, why not minimize bad bathroom energy from the very beginning so that you do not constantly have to deal with it? The same applies when you are thinking about moving and are looking at several houses with different floor plans. Be sure you know about potentially bad bathroom energy and know what to avoid.

Worst Feng Shui Locations for a Bathroom


If you plan to follow feng shui, there are several considerations when looking at or planning the bathroom location.

Some areas for bathroom location to avoid are in:

  • Very close proximity and facing the front door.
  • The centre of your home.
  • Very close proximity and facing your kitchen.
  • Your feng shui money area.
  • Your love and relationships feng shui area.

There are numerous feng shui tips for bathrooms that should help with even the bathroom’s worst feng shui location.

Laundry Room and Closet Locations

The laundry room and the closets and storage areas are also considered challenging to feng shui. This is because of the stagnant, heavy and cluttered/neglected energy they most often carry. These areas are often very much neglected and end up ugly and sad. As you cannot hide anything in the world of energy, start being mindful of the so-called “hidden areas” in your home and understand that they influence your personal energy as much as the open areas do. This certainly does not apply to all homes. Of course, there are homes with well taken care of closets, laundry rooms, and storage areas.

The worst feng shui locations for a laundry room, closet or storage areas are:

  • A laundry room right next to the bedroom or the front door is usually the worst feng shui.
  • A closet facing the front door is best to avoid.
  • A big storage area close to the bedroom should be avoided.

All About the Energy

Of course, the quality of energy you have in your closets, laundry room, and storage areas will be a big factor. For example, a house can have a challenging feng shui location of a bathroom and closets. If they are kept in immaculately clean and visually beautiful condition, their impact will be far less challenging than that of a house with a less challenging location of any of these areas but is kept in a cluttered, neglected state.

Feng shui is all about energy. When working with an existing floor plan, you will have to find some compromise to achieve a good balance between the location of each of these spaces. This is where it is imperative to understand the proper application of subtle and intelligent feng shui cures. If you are designing your dream home, do your best to consider this knowledge and create a perfect feng shui floor plan.