Feng Shui Center Of House Tips



The center of your house known as the yin yang point. It is very important for the good feng shui of your space and your own health. When the heart of the house is located in a challenging space, there is the potential of negative energy being created and constantly re-circulated in your house. To help you avoid this scenario, we have compiled a series of feng shui tips for the most challenging locations of a house heart—from a heart in the closet to a heart in the wall.

01. Feng Shui Challenges With the Heart of Your House

The heart of the house or office—in fact, the heart of any space—is super important in feng shui. If a house (or an office) has a heart in a challenging space, this challenging quality of feng shui energy will be “fed” to all other Bagua areas of the space. Why? Because all Bagua areas take their nourishment, energetically speaking, from the heart or the center of the house.

02. How Big Is the Heart of My House?

The feng shui Bagua center of the house is a strong energy vortex with an activity comparable to a human’s heart. Just like a healthy functioning of the heart is crucial for the health of all body organs and parts, the same applies to a house, feng shui-wise. The comparison with the human heart can be used to emphasize the next two important feng shui points.

03. The Heart of a House in a Wall

You might be surprised to find that the center of your house is in an inauspicious location, such as a bathroom, or a wall, or maybe a closet. Do not be upset if this is so. Just know that there are always good feng shui solutions to help you create better energy. The first thing to understand is that the heart of the home’s center is not a point in space but rather a radiating, pulsating energy vortex. Its strength depends on.

04. Feng Shui of a Bathroom in the Center of a House

A bathroom in the center of the house is usually considered bad feng shui. As the center of the house is the heart of the feng shui, also called the yin-yang point, you usually want to have it open, light, and with a sense of beauty to it. Feng Shui-wise, the center of your house is also.

05. Tips for a Staircase in the Heart of a House

A staircase in the center of a house or office is not ideal for feng shui. The negative effects of a center staircase are stronger in a home than in a business space. However, as always, with feng shui applications, there are many details to consider, and a center staircase is no exception. Having a staircase in the center can have very strong negative effects on one home while being.

06. Feng Shui of a Closet in the Heart of the House

We have many tips to help you deal with the challenging location of a house’s heart in a closed. Learn to neutralize the potentially negative impact of a closet in the center of the house.