Feng Shui Cures For Good Luck

There are many ways you can use feng shui to attract wealth, good luck, prosperity, and abundance. A straightforward method is to decorate your home and office with feng shui money cures that appeal to your taste and suit the overall decor. Start by locating your feng shui money area, and be sure to take excellent care of it so that the energy in your space feels fresh and vibrant. Keep in mind that attracting wealth and good luck involves more than cures and feng shui symbols. Old feng shui masters affirm that good feng shui alone does not bring you wealth if you do not strive for wealth. Instead, it gives you the necessary support to seek fame and fortune.

01. Your Money Area

In feng shui, the area connected to your money, or financial prosperity and abundance, is the Southeast area of your home or office. This is the classical or traditional feng shui school way to define your money area. In the Western, or BTB, feng shui school, the money area in the upper left area of your space is viewed from your home’s floor plan.

02. Feng Shui Wealth Vase
Wealth Vase

The feng shui wealth vase is one of the oldest feng shui abundance cures. The history of the wealth vase is complex; its making and symbols have numerous deep meanings. In feng shui applications, a wealth vase is used as an abundance cure to help you attract and strengthen the flow of wealth, good luck, and prosperity.

03. Fish Aquarium for Feng Shui Wealth

Feng shui aquariums are beautiful and potent feng shui cures that attract the energy of wealth and abundance. Appropriately placed and taken care of wisely, they will amplify the energy in any space and attract more wealth, Chi. Aquariums are considered auspicious in feng shui because they bring a harmonious combination of several wealth-attracting feng shui factors.

04. Chinese Coins


The most common use of Chinese coins in feng shui is for money. The other popular use of coins in feng shui is for protection and good luck cures. These energies certainly go together. When a person achieves financial stability, she or he also feels more protected and, of course, lucky.

05. Lucky Bamboo


The lucky bamboo is one of the most popular feng shui cures. If you are lucky enough to have bamboo growing in your garden, you know how soothing — almost transcendental — the sound of bamboo is. To use the lucky bamboo as a feng shui cure, buy it with a specific number of bamboo stalks.

06. Feng Shui Wealth Ship

6 inch Wealth Sailing Ship For Wealth Accumulation4

You can use almost any ship model for your wealth ship feng shui money cure. Choose the size and look that works best with your home or office decor. Feel free to add other feng shui wealth cures, such as the money plant, Chinese coins, or crystals. The wealth ship is a popular traditional feng shui money cure because, unlike other Chinese feng shui money cures, such as the money frog, the Laughing Buddha, or Chinese coins, the wealth ship looks great in any space and with any decor.

07. Fountains for Feng Shui Wealth

Feng shui fountains come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. The uses of fountains in feng shui are many — from health to wealth to just improving the quality of air in your home or office.

08. Gem Tree


There is a wide variety of feng shui gem trees available, including trees with amethyst, agate, coral, or pearls. Feng shui gem trees containing citrine crystals are often for wealth applications.

09. Laughing Buddha

12 Golden Laughing Buddha with Treasure for Wealth Luck

Laughing Buddha as a feng shui cures for good luck, abundance, happiness, success, and good health. Also called the Happy, the Hotei, or the Traveling Buddha, the Laughing Buddha is often depicted with gold ingots, a Wu Lou (Chinese gourd), or a sack of treasures. Sometimes they are surrounded by children.

10. Dragon Turtle


The dragon turtles are mythical creatures, and classical feng shui cures for wealth, protection, and good luck. It has the body of a turtle and the head of a dragon and is most often standing on a bed of coins and ingots and holds a coin in its mouth.

11. Citrine Crystals


Citrine is the most popular feng shui crystal to attract money and wealth. There are many traditional feng shui cures with citrine (or a crystal made to look like citrine), from red tassels with small citrine wealth vase symbols to citrine Pi Xiu (Pi Yao) crystal trees, wu lou (gourds), ingots, and various animal carvings.

12. Pyrite (Fool’s Gold) Stone


Pyrite is one of the best feng shui stones to attract the energy of wealth and abundance. It acts like a cluster, sphere, or cube, and various other popular feng shui cures for wealth, such as Chinese coins and the abundance ship. It is also an excellent choice for a wealthy vase and makes a great decor piece by itself.