Feng Shui Curtains Tips for Bringing Good Luck


Curtains may be a simple home decor item that helps block light and dust while also providing a sense of privacy in our home, but did you know that they also play a role in Feng Shui?
What are the Feng Shui rules for selecting the right curtains to improve your luck and attract wealth?

Feng Shui Tips for Selecting the Right Curtains for Your Home

1. Avoid patterns of negative symbolism, such as skeletons, beasts, and so on, when choosing your curtains. It could make you feel insecure and disrupt your sleep, particularly if it’s in your bedroom.

2. Color is essential – avoid dark, heavy colors like these:

  • Black evokes feelings of sadness in people.
  • Bright Red stimulates enthusiasm and makes it impossible to get a good night’s sleep and rest.
  • Couples should avoid pink curtains because they can attract extramarital affairs and damage the relationship.
  • It’s always a good idea to use light, calming colors.
  • For a married couple, such a romantic pink color should be avoided.
  • It’s always a good idea to use light, calming colors.

3. If your wealth corner is affected by a full-height window or your window faces any negative external sha qi, you may use two-layered curtains to resolve the issue. A thick curtain will block out all-natural light, but a thin curtain will not.

4. Keep your windows clean and your curtains in good working order to allow qi to flow freely throughout your home. It is recommended that old, soiled, or broken curtains be replaced.

Whether or not you believe in Feng Shui, you must adore the hue.


The colors that correspond to the five elements are:

Wood – Green

Fire – Red

Earth – Brown

Metal – White

Water – Blue

The first thing that comes to mind when homeowners consider which curtains to purchase is the color.

Although interior design can influence the color chosen, picking the wrong color can have a negative impact on the energy dynamics in the area where the window is located.

For eg, if we’re talking about the living room, and it’s in the house’s east wing, the energy coming in through the living room window is of a wood elemental base (assuming the direction the window faces is also east). The elements of water, wood, and fire are in harmony with this space in this case. While the earth and metal are at odds. In the later heaven arrangement of Bagua, the east sector is also aligned with the Chen trigram. This means that opposing energy in this space will bring bad luck and even health problems to the eldest son.

There are several other ramifications that we can explore, but there is just too much to write about when energies clash in specific areas of the home.

This is why achieving peace is preferable to attempt to resolve energy disputes.



The type of energy emitted by a specific collection of curtains is also influenced by the form factor.

The 5 elements are associated with the shapes mentioned below.

  • Wood – Rectangle
  • Fire – Triangle
  • Earth – Squared
  • Metal – Circular
  • Water – Waves

While most people think of curtains as squares or rectangles, that’s akin to calling a smartphone’s screen black. Before you turn it on, that is.

The best way to judge the form of a curtain is to look at it when it’s in its most common configuration.

For example, although a curtain may appear square when drawn, it may spend the majority of its time tied up to the sides to allow light in, resulting in a round shape.