Feng Shui Dining Room Tips At Home


The dining room is a place to eat; any dirty items in the dining room contaminate the food, leading to discomfort and all sorts of conditions. The layout, direction and decoration of the restaurant are therefore very significant in Feng Shui. A well-decorated restaurant can create a happy environment, contribute to digestion and contact between diners and balance between family members. Below are some tips on the Feng Shui dining room.
The dining room, like other spaces, has no broken corner or convex corner in a square pattern. The most convenient layout for design is the rectangle or square pattern.


Direction The South also belongs to five elements so that the family will prosper. However, the oven is north-facing if there is a refrigerator inside the dining room. Your family would become increasingly wealthy under the abundant sun.


The kitchen does not have a dining area, as the lamps and heat will make it moist inside the kitchen, so you will not be allowed to enjoy a good meal inside. The kitchen and dining room are not too far in the layout, but neighbouring, or they spend too much time placing the food.

The table must not directly face the front entrance door, the kitchen door, or the door of the toilet. On the contrary, it would induce a lack of vitality because of doors, which will be detrimental to the Feng Shui gatherings.

The dining table does not directly face the entrance door

The dining table should not be faced directly to the kitchen door since there are still lampblacks emitted in the kitchen for a better temperature. If the table stands opposite the kitchen door, your family’s health is affected by it, and you get short-term. You can either block with a curtain or hold a kitchen door closed if you cannot stop the situation. The kitchen table is not directly facing the kitchen door.

The table will not explicitly face the bathroom door: if the door of the bathroom faces your own table, your appetite will be affected, and your health will be adverse. In this case, you can shift the table so quickly as possible to another location. You should place the tiny pool on the table and plant sago cycas or lucky bamboo into the pool to solve the problem if you cannot move it.

There is no dining room under a shower: there is no bathroom upstairs in the dining room. A bathroom is a place of dirt release with strong mephitis and moisture. Thus, dinner below it will not make you feel at home and will affect your appetite. This type of layout influences the well-being of your family and your family’s luck.

The restaurant is not directly facing a road

As a restaurant for the whole family, the dining table has a calm and relaxing atmosphere for you to relax. However, if it faces a lane, Feng Shui is unfavourable. If there are multiple channels in the dining room, you can feel restless in the hot tub. This condition will therefore be changed.
Table of dining

Avoiding the Square Table

There is a bad spirit in the dining table corners. As for Feng Shui, the sharp corner stands for bad spirit, so that the corner is slightly round to prevent harming the family health if a square or rectangular table is to be chosen. Choosing a round or oval dining table is the perfect option.

Beam Over Dining Table

Anybody who knows Feng Shui knows that the beam is a bad spirit. If you have a beam over your dinner table, it can influence your digestion and lead after a long time to gastrointestinal disease. If the arrangement cannot be modified, the problem can be solved by hanging such decorations as a gourd.

Decorative lighting table above Dining table

The dining table is usually still illuminated above. When the lights are right above the table, they won’t have a bad spirit; but they can lead to a bad spirit when they are above the table’s edge. When the family moves the table or the lights at dining, the dilemma can be solved.
Decoration The dining room is not too decorated or disordered and affects appetite. The decorative surface often becomes the bacterial point of attachment and affects the health of the family.


The dining room is not glowing in dim light. Yellow is an appetite-enhancing colour, so the dining area can choose yellow light to create a warm atmosphere and enhance the family’s emotional connections.