Feng Shui Kitchen Recommendations

The Feng Shui kitchen is one of the most important rooms to look at in your home. Your kitchen is where you nourish yourself, and is often a place where family and friends gather. Most of our feng shui tips relate to the stove…read on to learn why!

01. The Stove and its Location

The stove represents your resources, career, and how you can nourish yourself to have the most success in the world. One of the most important things to consider when it comes to your stove is the commanding position. When you’re in command, you are able to see the door while you’re cooking at your stove, without being in line with the door. This allows you to be in control of your life and career, and to see any people, energies, or opportunities that may be coming your way.

Often, it’s not possible to change the position of your stove. If this is the case, you can add a mirror in a location that allows you to see the door behind you while you’re cooking.

02. Double Your Burners

In feng shui, more stove burners represent more opportunities and sources of wealth. This in turn translates to more prosperity and success in your career. To increase opportunities for wealth, increase the number of burners! You can interpret this literally if you are shopping for a new stove: look for one with the most burners that’s appropriate for the size of your Feng Shui kitchen. If at all possible, you want to avoid small two-burner stoves.

If you’re not in the market for a new stove, an easy way to double the number of burners on your stove is to do so energetically with a reflection. Place a mirror or mirrored object where it can reflect your stove burners.

03. Rotate Your Burners

The stove (and so the burners) represent your wealth and resources. Most of us have a go-to burner that we use without even thinking about it. Instead, you can be mindful of your stove and rotate which burners you use. Make it a point to use a different burner every day to encourage you to become more aware. This, in turn, can help open you to see and be aware of more opportunities in your career and new sources of wealth.

It’s also important to use your stove daily. If you don’t cook, even boiling water on your stove each day will help activate your wealth and career.

04. Quartz in the Refrigerator

Your refrigerator is also an important appliance in your Feng Shui kitchen because it represents how you nourish yourself. One way to enhance this is to place a clear quartz crystal inside with the intention to amplify the nourishment that your food provides you. This will help to keep your fridge full of bright, positive qi.

First, energetically clear your crystal by placing it under a full moon or smudging with sage, palo santo, or orange essential oil. Next, program the quartz with your intention before placing it in your fridge.

05. Deep Clean

This is one tip that you are probably already aware of, whether you are putting it into practice or not! Think about how it feels to open a clean, organized fridge vs. a messy fridge full of expired food. Even if you’re not eating the items that are past their expiration dates, they’re still affecting you energetically by sitting in your fridge or pantry. Plus, they’re unnecessarily taking up space. Toss anything that’s expired (in the compost or recycling bin whenever you can!) and use non-toxic cleaners to remove any dust or grime that has collected.

It’s also important to keep the stove clean because as we mentioned earlier, your stove represents your career, wealth, and resources. Taking a moment each day to mindfully wipe down your stove will prevent stagnant energy from collecting in this area of your home and life.

06. Broken or Chipped Items

Remove broken or chipped items, like mugs and plates, from your home. Broken items translate to broken energy and are thought to bring bad luck. If it’s something you really love or has meaning to you, repair it. Otherwise, let it go.

If you do choose to repair a broken item, you may want to repair it with kintsugi, which is a Japanese practise of using precious metals when repairing broken pottery. This can encourage you to see the breaks in these items as a beautiful part of the item’s story, rather than a flaw to hide.

07. Clear the Space with Salt

Occasionally you can use salt and water to mindfully wipe down your kitchen. Salt is a crystal and it can absorb negative, stagnant energies. Be sure to use high-quality salt and clean water. Take time to wipe down all your surfaces while visualizing that the salt is absorbing any difficult or negative qi.

08. Use Non-Toxic Cleaners

Many common cleaning supplies have harmful and toxic chemicals, which should be avoided whenever possible. You want to be especially mindful of your cleaning supplies in the kitchen, where you are preparing and consuming food.

You can purchase non-toxic cleaners or make your own with ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, and essential oils.

09. Best Colors for Feng Shui

In general, white is the best colour for kitchens because it represents purity and cleanliness. It also offsets the vibrant rainbow colours that you find in food.

You can also consider the best Feng Shui kitchen colours from a five-element perspective, and choose ones that would be most supportive to you:

  • Earthy colours like brown and yellow for nourishment, stability and grounding
  • Wood colours like blue and green for growth, flexibility, and vitality
  • Fiery colours like red and bright orange for inspiration and passion
  • Watery colours like black and navy blue for social connections and wisdom
  • Metal colours like white and grey for precision and joy