Feng Shui Gifts for Inspired



Feng shui is a philosophy from ancient China that offers techniques to improve your home’s flow of energy. To do this, there are various adjustment tools that you can employ as feng shui cures. These can also make thoughtful feng shui gifts.

Here’s our list of our favorite feng shui inspired gifts to share good energy and joy with our loved ones.

01. Houseplants

Living green plants are popular for a good reason. They bring life energy into any home. It’s hard to go wrong with gifting a plant.

Be sure to select a plant that’s easy to care for, especially if the recipient is a plant newbie. You can make it extra special if it’s a cutting from a plant you have.

To add more feng shui inspiration, stick with soft, rounded, and heart-shaped leaves (avoid prickly and sharp plants). Some easy-to-care-for feng shui approved plants include pothos, monstera, and Pilea peperomioides.

02. Singing Bowl

For higher-end feng shui gifts, a singing bowl is a great option. Even a small bowl is a treasure that is beautiful and can be used to clear a space.

The sound vibrations from a metal or crystal bowl resonate and radiate out to clear and balance space’s energy. The sound awakens any stuck or stagnant qi, creating movement and energy.

03. Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are used in feng shui to awaken the metal element, inspiring joy, and calls in benefactors.

For feng shui use, it’s recommended to select high-quality wind chimes that make beautiful sounds. In this case, the larger, the better, while still being appropriately sized for space.

04. Feng Shui Crystal Ball

One of the most useful feng shui items for your home is a feng shui faceted crystal ball. Ideally, you want to find a 40mm (or larger) ball made of leaded crystal.

There are many applications, but in general, it can be placed in the center of any room to uplift the qi instantly. Be sure to instruct the giftee to hang it from a red ribbon or cord, from the ceiling in the center of the room you want to enhance.

05. Buddha Statue

A statue of the Buddha, or any deity, is a spiritual reminder in our homes. The Buddha’s image can inspire you to be mindful and wake up, to appreciate the beauty in your everyday life.

A statue is also an earth element object as it has weight and stability. In turn, a Buddha statue can ground and balance the energy of mindfulness in a home.

06. Space Clearing Mists

Space clearing is a frequent practice in feng shui. It’s recommended to regularly clear your space of any residual negative and stuck energies. Space clearing mists are a great option for those with sensitivities to smoke and/or fragrances.

Mists are also perfect for friends that travel often. This offers a way to smudge when you don’t want the smoke! Three favorites include orange, palo santo, or white sage.

07. Palo Santo

Traditionally, you space clear by smudging with botanical ingredients that you burn. Palo santo is a wood that’s easy to burn with a light and fresh scent that most find pleasant. It’s also light enough to use regularly.

This is a beneficial feng shui gift for someone who has many people or energies coming in and out of their home (like family or friends).

08. Crystals

Natural mineral crystals are treasures from the earth that can amplify and invite energy into your space. For a gift, it’s recommended to select crystals with softer energy, such as rose quartz or clear quartz.

You can also purchase a Bagua crystal kit where the giftee will have one crystal that connects with each area of the feng shui Bagua map.

09. Yantra Mandalas

Intentional spiritual artwork like yantra mandalas makes special feng shui gifts because you can connect them to a birthday.

10. Mirrors

Everyone loves a good mirror! In feng shui, round mirrors are auspicious, as they have no sharp edges and are smooth. They can be placed to enhance most areas of the home, expanding the positive energy. Be sure to give mirrors of high quality that are not obscured.

A simple feng shui adjustment for focus is to place a small 3″ round mirror above the crown of your head on the ceiling at your desk or meditation space.

11. Feng Shui Books

There are so many wonderful feng shui books to inspire the recipient to start to shift up the good vibrations.

12. Chinese Zodiac Animals

Most people are familiar with the 12 Chinese zodiac animals. Sometimes you even know what your year animal is!

You can find decorative charms that connect all 12 animals on a string. This is an auspicious feng shui object to create harmony in the home. When all 12 are united on the string, it embodies the balance and understanding that can be achieved with all the different members of the household.

13. Feng Shui Consultation

Last but not least, a gifted feng shui consultation may be the perfect gift for a loved one. Working one-on-one with an expert is always the best way. And experiential gifts are popular now, rather than adding more “stuff” to our already cluttered homes.