6 Feng Shui Health Solutions to Feel Better Right Now

Feng shui provides numerous remedies for unfavorable aspects of your life. One of the areas you can improve with feng shui remedies is your health. General feng shui health tips may also help you feel better by improving existing conditions.

  1. Sleep in a Healthy Sleeping Position

One of the best ways to protect your health is to use your health luck direction to determine where you should sleep. Each sector (compass direction) is assigned a different type of luck. The eight mansions Kua formula can be used to determine your personal health luck direction (Tien Yi).

Determine Your Kua Number

You will need to know your personal Kua number to do so. This number will reveal your lucky and unlucky numbers. This number can be calculated using the Kua formula. It reveals which group you are a member of.


East or West Group for Good Health

Now that you’ve determined your Kua number, you’ll need to determine the best sleeping direction to improve your health luck. Once you’ve determined this direction, lie in bed with your head pointing in that direction. If your health direction is north, for example, you will sleep with your head in the north and your feet in the south.

This obviously implies that you could move your bed so that the headboard points in this direction. However, there may be times when you are unable to reposition your bed to accommodate this sleeping position. In such cases, you can still position yourself on the bed so that your head is pointed in this direction while sleeping; this may necessitate sleeping with your head at the foot of your bed.


Group East

The EastĀ  group numbers and health directions are as follows:

1 = East 3 = North

9: Southeast 4: South


The West Group

  • West: 5 Male
  • 5 females from the Northwest
  • 2: West
  • Sixth: Northeast
  • Southwest is number seven.
  • Northwest (number 8)


There are other things you can do if you or a family member has health problems besides sleeping with your head pointed in this direction. For example, when relaxing or watching TV, eating meals, or working, you can sit facing your health direction whenever possible.

  1. Showcase the Wu Lou

Wu Lou, the bottle gourd, is shaped like a two-part bottle. For centuries, it has been a feng shui symbol of health and longevity. The gourd’s shape represents both heaven and earth. It has long been a symbol of harmony with both heaven and earth.


Wu Lou is capable of absorbing negative energy.

The Wu Lou is used in feng shui to absorb negative chi energy. It was first used by monks to capture malevolent spirits and then by feng shui masters to capture negative chi energies.


Metal Wu Lou Next to Your Bed

To cure illnesses, choose a metal, Wu Lou. Simply place it on a nightstand upright. If you know where the illness flying stars 2 and 5 are, you can place a Wu Lou in either or both sectors.

  1. Get Rid of Clutter to Fight Illnesses

Clutter can make life more difficult and even contribute to illness. Clutter causes stagnation of chi energy. Fresh powerful chi energy cannot enter your home if the flow of chi energy is blocked or prevented from flowing smoothly. The flow of chi affects everyone in the house, and nothing should be obstructing this natural energy flow.

Feng Shui Master Lillian Too discusses how some people develop an immunity to clutter over time in her book 168 Feng Shui Ways to Declutter Your Home. She does, however, claim that clutter causes “negative energy-tiredness, lethargy, hostility, and blockages that lead to illness-that is generated by this type of home environment.”


To avoid illness and improve health, clutter in the bedroom should be cleaned up immediately. Keeping dirty clothes in a hamper rather than letting them pile up, as well as laundering bedding and keeping light fixtures and ceiling fans over the bed, are all examples of this. To clean and organize your bedroom and other rooms in your home, use a declutter checklist.

  1. Bedroom, Kitchen, and Bathroom

The decluttering rule should apply to all rooms in your home, especially the kitchen and bathroom. The bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom are all related to the health of you and your family. The activities in each room have a significant impact on health. Sleep and rest, the food you eat, and personal hygiene all have an impact on your health.

Make sure that all three rooms have the best feng shui support possible to provide you with the best health benefits. Apply the rules for bedroom layout, kitchen feng shui design, and bathroom feng shui. When these three rooms are designed according to feng shui principles, your health luck will improve.

  1. Add a Wood Element to the East Sector

The Bagua sector for health is located to the east of the compass. Wood is the east sector element. This industry can be strengthened by adding wood furniture, flooring, and objects.

You can benefit from the wood element by using the colors green and brown that represent it. Use paint, upholstery, draperies, pillows, and rugs to incorporate these into your decor. While color does not activate an element, many feng shui practitioners enjoy symbolically reinforcing the wood element by using these colors in their interiors.

  1. Include Plant Energy

Adding healthy green plants in the east and/or southeast sectors of your home is one of the best cures for stagnant chi that can impact your health.

Choose plants with round or oblong leaves. Avoid pointy or sharp leaves because they produce poison arrows. To use and maintain plant life, general feng shui rules apply, such as removing any dead leaves, keeping plants watered, feeding plants on a regular basis, and providing the appropriate amount of sunlight. Also, keep your plants free of dust, as this creates a type of clutter that causes chi energy to stagnate.

Enhancement of Air Quality

Plants are excellent air scrubbers and will keep the air quality in your home healthy in addition to enhancing chi energy. However, avoid placing plants in the bedroom because they will generate too much energy, resulting in sleepless nights.