Feng Shui Health Recommendations


Feng shui for fitness is one of the first things to think about when incorporating feng shui into your home. It will help you improve your energy levels and remain safe, whether your health is slightly out of control or you’ve been dealing with health issues for a long time.

Feng shui for health tips should always be done in order of importance since you need to lay a solid foundation for more advanced feng shui cures to function. You might as well not bother with deeper feng shui levels if you miss the simple feng shui for health steps.

The same applies to more nuanced feng shui beauty cures, just as applying the highest quality cosmetics will not help the skin appear good in the long run (if the skin is not washed and cared for properly regularly).

To lay a solid feng shui foundation for a safe home, begin with the fundamentals of feng shui health.

Are you ready to learn the basics of feng shui for good health? The following are the three most important feng shui goals for a healthy home:

Air that is clean and fresh

Air quality is the number one feng shui health priority, but it is often overlooked. Use feng shui air-purifying plants, open windows frequently to aerate the space =. Also, use essential oils to clean the air, use air purifiers, and so on. Do whatever it takes to improve the air quality in your home; daily breathing of clean air is the feng shui pillar for good health and well-being. ​

There is enough natural light.

In addition to allowing as much natural light into your home as possible, you should be mindful of the need for intelligent and smart indoor lighting. You will notice a change in health and well-being until you reflect on the quality of light in your house. Since light is the most important nutrient, be wise and provide your body with adequate light nutrition. Since the colour is light, this often involves the effective use of feng shui colours.

A Room That Isn’t Cluttered

Clutter clearing is a crucial feng shui move that overlooked — or postponed — favouring more “flashy” feng shui remedies. Consider this: no amount of wind chimes, good feng shui colours, or feng shui plants will compensate for the low, gloomy energy of clutter in your home. All you have to do now is deal with your clutter, which is continuously draining your resources.

Five Feng Shui Elements

For example, in the East Bagua area of your space, putting lush green plants (Wood feng shui element) or a water feature (Water feng shui element) will bring beneficial feng shui energy for your health.

If you don’t have access to plants or a water feature, you can use colour to carry the energy of the necessary feng shui elements into your room (green or brown for the Wood element and blue or black for the Water element). Feng shui art depicting a body of water and lush greenery may also provide the necessary elements. The Water feng shui feature can also into your home by strategically placing mirrors.

Kua Number

Find out what your Kua number is and what your best feng shui directions are, then rearrange your desk and bed so that you can work or sleep facing your best directions.

Be aware of the first view you see when you open your eyes (the view from your bed). As well as the first view you see when you open your front door. This may seem to be minor information. But, they help to establish the feng shui energy that your body will receive during the day. Every detail matters because our bodies keep track of everything.

Treat your body with love and offer it the energy of beauty and joy and good health. Then, happiness will follow.