2022 Feng Shui Health Tips that Work

The goal of applying Feng Shui concepts to our homes is to promote good health, both physically and mentally, by igniting the energy of luck with the use of colours, items, and cardinal point placement.

Chinese people apply the art of Feng Shui in their homes to enhance their physical and emotional well-being.

The Flying Star 2 (also known as the Illness and Disasters Star), which is located in the South Zone, is predicted to produce a variety of health issues for people who have their bedroom or office on the west side of the house in 2022. Additionally, those from the western regions of the county, nation, or continent are more likely to have health issues. Pregnant women and the elderly are particularly impacted.

  1. Keep your home tidy


Being covered in dirt and clutter keeps you in a lower resonance. You feel heavy when you are at a lower resonance. Depression is an illness that flourishes in heavy environments. Cleaning your home would feel very difficult if you have allowed it to become so filthy. Moving forward with cleansing your physical space and everything else in your life is challenging because of the spiritual clutter that is weighing you down.

  1. Your home’s health area is located in the middle of the structure


How do you perceive this place? If there is a closet, make sure that everything in it is utilised, functional, and maintained and organised. Consider EARTH. The earth element is related to this region. Placing items that represent the earth here, such as plants in sizable pots (make sure they are healthy), rocks (granite table), ceramics, sculptures, and earthy hues like terra cotta, browns, golds, and yellows, will help to improve your health energy.


  1. Is your home’s central area a bathroom or a washing machine?


If so, your efforts to improve your health are in vain. When not in use, keep the door closed, the toilet/washer lid down, and the sink or shower drains covered. The energy will be repelled from returning into the house by placing a mirror on the exterior of the bathroom door.


4. Plants are great for bringing life and vibrancy


Make sure they are thriving, lush, and green. Avoid spiky plants like cactus and spider, which should be seen as warning signs. Depression may be exacerbated by weeping trees and shrubs, especially those in the front yard like willows and mulberries. Given that you spend a lot of time sleeping and recovering there, your bedroom is a crucial spot to keep healthy plants. The strongest combination is an odd number.


5. Because of the downward energy that their corkscrew design emits, spiral staircases can be exceedingly unhealthy. This can be cured by:


* To direct the chi upward and catch it, place a large potted plant under the stairway.


* Set up a second plant at the top of the steps to assist in drawing energy upward as you ascend them.


* From the bottom of the railing to the top, encircle it with a green silk vine. As you climb the stairs, feel the green’s calming vitality.


* Hang a crystal ball at the top of the stairwell and feel the space become more uplifting and energising.


  1. Keep an eye out for any heavy beams or sharp corners


Especially if they are aiming directly at you while you are seated at the table, in your favourite chair, or immediately over your bed. In Feng Shui, these are actually referred to as “poison arrows,” and there are numerous ways to fix them. If you are unable to relocate the pointed object, softening and deflecting the chi can be achieved by placing a plant, crystal ball, or brass bell in front of it. Silk or live vines can be used to encircle beams. Beams that are painted the same colour as the ceiling lack the strength of beams that are deeper in colour.


  1. Avoid using electronic devices near your bed, including clocks, phones, and radios.


You should move these electrical devices at least 2-3 feet away from your body because they reduce resistance and drain energy. Make sure to turn off any electric blankets you may be using before going to bed.

  1. Ensure that your air is clean and healthful


In locations with polluted air or allergy issues, air filters can be useful. It’s great to keep the windows open and the air moving, unless of course, you have allergies. Vacuuming is a simple way to cheer yourself up. Using a high-quality vacuum is a simple technique to clear the chi and revitalise a space if you have one. I frequently employ this method in between client sessions. Be careful because many vacuums simply break up the dirt into smaller pieces and spit it back out.

  1. Inspect your home for harmful materials


Dust mites, mould, and harmful residue can enter your house and your family’s environment through old carpet and paint. Verify your cleaning goods and only use those made of natural ingredients. Not only will this benefit you and your family, but it will also benefit the entire planet.


  1. Stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables in your refrigerator


Fresh fruits and vegetables also contain life qi, just like house plants do. They offer the vitality of health, which we may incorporate into our daily lives. Put your refrigerators supplied with clean, fresh produce, keep a bowl of fruit out on the table, and be sure to maintain this vitality by throwing away any produce that has gone bad or mouldy.

  1. Boost the colour’s intensity Green


Our physical, mental, emotional, and energy well-being are strongly correlated with colour. Green is associated with the health industry in Feng Shui and can help us attract more of that energy into our lives. As a result, green ties us to nature, which has been proven to reduce tension and anxiety while increasing happiness and calm in us. Use a soft or dark green for interior painting, or incorporate it into a statement sofa or rug.