Blue Yin Yang Chinese Health Balls With 8 Trigrams


These lighter balls are easier to handle and the soothing musical tones contribute to the relaxation process that results from exercising with them.

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These are a pair of gorgeous Chinese Health Iron Balls decorated with symbols of Yin Yang and 8 Trigrams, the fundamental elements of a Bagua used to repel negativities, evil energies, and bad forces. Exercise with them in your palms and these balls will produce therapeutic chimes to soothe the mind and spirit.

A truly delightful little piece of art with a dash of Feng Shui to stay healthy.

The Blue Yin Yang Chinese Health Balls with 8 Trigrams come in a beautiful little box that is wrapped in Chinese silk embroidery.

About the Chinese Health Iron Balls

Chinese Health Iron Balls have long been famed as one of the “three treasures” of Baoding, China. Also known as the ‘Baoding Balls’ and first produced during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), iron balls have been used by both the emperors and ordinary people. It has often been improved through the ages by skilled Chinese Handicraftsmen.

Originally, these balls were simple and solid. Later, handicraftsmen began designing hollow balls and inserting sounding plates that produce lovely high tone in one and lower tone in the other when used. These lighter balls are easier to handle and the soothing musical tones contribute to the relaxation process that results from exercising with them.

How to use Chinese Health Balls?

These therapy balls are placed in one’s palm and rotated either clockwise or counterclockwise direction. This exercise will keep all of the points in one’s hands in constant motion, with the muscles in one’s fingers and forearms contracting and relaxing harmoniously. A beginner should select balls of a smaller size and then, over time, increase ball size as one’s proficiency improves. Ultimately, one can exercise both hands alternatively or simultaneously and may even choose to use three or four balls in one palm.

Health benefits of Chinese Health Balls

Chinese medical theory claims that by using the iron balls, the various acupuncture points in the palm will be stimulated, which in turn enhances the flow of energy of chi throughout the entire body. It is believed that exercising daily with the Chinese Health Balls can assist with healing and improve many ailments:
• carpal tunnel syndrome relaxes muscles and joints
• improve memory
• promote blood circulation
• arthritis, relieve joint stiffness and soreness
• relieve fatigue and stress
• prevent and cure hypertension
• improve general health
• insomnia

Maintenance of Chinese Health Balls

The balls are made of metal and hence, should be kept dry and clean. Although the balls are strong and durable, you should avoid violently knocking them against each other and against other solid objects or surfaces. It is advisable to coat the balls with wax or grease for maintenance and preservation if they will be stored unused for a long period of time.

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