Feng Shui Main Door Facing Lift Door


The opening and closing of the elevator door seem to show the tiger’s mouth waiting for the pride from the point of view of Feng Shui. Disharmony can occur in the household, causing much more likely accidents and operations. It also leads to the dispersal of energy that cannot be collected, which would make the build-up of capital difficult. What Feng Shui tips to apply if your main door facing the lift door?

The door should not face the elevator door.


It can also lead to health problems for members of the family from a scientific point of view because many humans or animals can use a boost to bear the virus.

How to cure and fix this condition by using Feng Shui?

1. Put in your doorway, under your threshold, or doormat, a string of five, six or ten coins.
2. Hang the main door mirror of Bagua. The Bagua mirror is strong in protecting evil spirits and will show negative effects on your family and keep evil spirits out.
3. Hang a mirror on the porch and take a reflective effect behind the main door.

4. At the entrance door hang a copper gourd. The Guan Gong is a traditional item with an absorption feature. A copper gourd at the door will absorb evil spirits and keep them from entering your house. The best practice is a red rope for a stronger exorcistic effect on the copper gourd. In Chinese mandarin Gourd is homophonic “power,” so in addition to exacerbating evil spirits it may bring you good luck.

Feng Shui Warrior Guan Gong with Sword