Feng Shui Meaning Of Butterfly Symbol


The Feng Shui meaning of butterfly¬†is in many ways similar to the feng shui use of the bird’s symbol. Both birds and butterflies fly free. Which speaks to the deep human longing for a joyful and free-living close to the heavens. Butterflies are also holding a unique and alchemical quality of energy based on different stages of their creation.

Love and Romance

The most common feng shui use of the butterfly symbol is as feng shui cure for love and romance. Probably because love is the most transformative feeling that makes you feel like flying. Butterflies also evoke a sense of vulnerable, awe-inspiring and joyful beauty compared with the feeling of being in love.

The additional element of using the feng shui symbol of butterflies as a love feng shui cure is the element of freedom. Freedom to choose among several suitors. The butterfly symbol is one of the best feng shui love cures for single people. Especially when used in the Love and Marriage area of the Bagua. Of course, once you have found a suitable love partner and are ready to settle in, a better feng shui love cure would speak of commitment and devotion. Explore birds’ feng shui symbology to help you find the best feng shui love and marriage cure.

However, this is not to say that butterflies are only used as a feng shui love remedy for single people, not at all! As with most symbols and images, there is always more than one meaning that can be used for its powerful associations.

Creativity and Transformation

Another excellent feng shui use of the symbol of butterflies is in the Creativity and Children area of the Bagua. Its presence will help open and energize the flow of creative energy in your life. You can use butterflies image as a temporary feng shui cure for any area of your life that needs transformation. If you are currently experiencing difficulties in specific areas of your life, you can bring butterflies’ energy. Bring them into the corresponding Bagua areas of your home or your bedroom.

As butterflies know how to go through transformational stages to become the beauty gracefully, you will do the same. You will do everything in life with ease and grace. Be it with colourful art, photos, fabric, wallpaper, garden decor, and more. There are many creative ways to incorporate butterflies’ healing energy into your home decor.