Feng Shui Mirror Behind the Couch


Feng Shui Mirror Behind the Couch: Is it Good or Bad? Here are the reasons behind it. Mirrors are a traditional home decoration that has recently into the latest interior design trend. This is because mirrors tend to make the whole house appear more spacious and appealing visually.

In feng shui, mirrors are in a variety of ways. It’s sometimes referred to as Feng Shui’s “aspirin.” “Place two mirrors on the wall and give me a call in the morning!”. The “method of minor additions,” or Xie Zi Fa in Chinese, is a feng shui practice of adding a small item, such as a mirror, to change and improve the qi of a room. One of the most important aspects of the approach of the small addition is that you use your purpose in conjunction with the inclusion of an entity to solve the obstacle. Always have a simple purpose when using a mirror or something else to change the qi in your home. This is crucial.

The aspect of water is embodied by mirrors. Water has a soothing effect. Water has no shape and takes on the shape of the jar it is in. Mirrors are used in feng shui because of this yielding nature, as they can represent without judgement or obscuration. They have the ability to broaden your perspective as well as concentrate your energies.

Mirrors have the ability to draw energy into a room. A strategically positioned mirror may reflect into space the view of an element seen through a window. Place a mirror in your office so that you can see the reflection of a river (water element) and trees (wood element). More water for wealth and wood for expansion into your career and work-life is the result of this. Mirrors are often strategically mounted, making them more powerful feng shui changes.

On a more practical level, mirrors can reflect more light into a room, making it appear larger and more spacious. The characteristics of light and space both encourage successful feng shui.

Mirrors of Various Types

Here’s a rundown of the different types of mirrors used in feng shui:

Mirrors with a flat surface

Simply a normal mirror in a regular shape such as a cube, oval, rectangle, or square would suffice. It comes with a polished edge and can be framed or unframed. Mirrors in the form of an octagon are handy if you have any poor or incomplete areas on your Bagua map (more on that below).

Mirrors with a convex shape

Convex mirrors have a bowl-like appearance to them. They’re useful because they give you a broader field of view, allowing you to see more of what’s going on around you. It gives you a better perspective. They also serve as a watchful eye and have defensive qualities.

Mirrors with a concave surface

Concave mirrors have a bowl-like appearance to them. Since they take a picture, shrink it, and flip it upside-down, they effectively deflect sharp energy.

Mirrors Bagua

These are unique mirrors with an octagonal border and trigrams radiating from them, framing a circular mirror. This is for adjusting the feng shui safety on the outside. Using this mirror only with the aid of a feng shui expert.

Mirrors Should Be Avoided in Feng Shui

Avoid any mirrors that are cloudy, broken, obscured, distorted, or in disconnected parts. Suppose you’re using them for feng shui (like a mosaic or a group of small mirrors). You’re looking for a single piece of glass. It’s also a safe idea to stay away from sharp shapes and mirrors that cut off a person’s head in the reflection. Don’t panic if you have a mirror-like this in your home because not every mirror is a feng shui adjustment. It’s just a mirror; it’s not a feng shui mirror, either. Also, avoid sharp mirrors that might cut anyone, as well as mirrors with unfinished and dangerous edges.

There are several mirror placements to consider if you want to instal mirrors in your home. Many Feng Shui experts advise against hanging a mirror behind a sofa as one of these placements.

Do you know why this advice is given? Some of the examples are as follows:

Why is it bad feng shui to have a mirror behind the couch?
  • To practise good Feng Shui in our homes, we must always feel comfortable and secure to enjoy our time there. People also feel insecure when heavy items behind a couch or bed. We have an unnecessarily high fear of objects falling on us. This negative thinking will persist in our subconscious mind, causing anxiety and possibly affecting our wellbeing.
  • We all need a solid wall backing behind essential furniture in our homes, such as a sofa, bed, or study desk. It represents receiving help from benefactors in life. If place a mirror in this spot, the wall may appear to vanish visually. This implies that no noblemen have backed or supported them.

In conclusion, while mirrors can attract positive energy, they can also attract negative energy. We’ll have to use them sparingly to make sure they’re in the right place.