Feng Shui Myths that remain Myths: Stop Believing it!

Feng Shui myths

You can change the feng shui in your home by using lucky bamboo and water fountains. The qualities of the wood element, such as growth, flexibility, and kindness, are brought by lucky bamboo. You can use most other types of living green plants instead of lucky bamboo; it’s not just for lucky bamboo. Moving water, such as that found in fountains, can bring a flow of energy and prosperity into your home.

Mindfulness and intention are essential for good feng shui. When placed with skill and intention, plants and moving water can invite good feng shui. This also implies that you should know what you’re doing in the realm of feng shui and be able to back it up with action in your daily life. For example, if you read somewhere that adding a fountain to your property will increase your wealth, first research how to obtain and place the fountain properly for your situation. Then take excellent care of it. Keep it clean and in good working order.

Feng Shui is only for the rich!

There are numerous feng shui adjustments, and some of them do necessarily require the purchase of new items. However, there are numerous meditation and practice-based options. You can also be inventive. You can go out into nature and find a cutting to cultivate if you need a new plant for some growth in a particular area of your life. 

Natural abundance can be found everywhere. This is also true when it comes to appointing a consultant. You can look for a student, save money, or spend your time reading books and conducting research on your own. What you get is a reflection of what you give. It’s not about the cash; it’s about your generosity and intention. Well, if feng shui is only for the rich, then why do the rich needs it? 

Feng Shui is all about rearranging furniture

When working with a consultant or researching feng shui, there’s a good chance you’ll end up moving some things around in your home. While the placement of furniture is an important aspect of feng shui, it is only a small part of the equation.

The flow of energy around your space is the focus of feng shui. When you’re in bed or sitting at your desk, how you’re positioned in space matters. But it’s more than that; it’s a way of connecting with and being conscious of the environment. This applies to your spirit, body, home, land, community, and the planet as a whole.

Flowers and Plants brings bad feng shui in the bedroom

 On this subject, different schools have opposing viewpoints. Some people believe that plants and flowers are too energizing for the bedroom. Examine your energy requirements in relation to your sleep requirements. Is it really because of a plant that you’re having trouble sleeping? Check to see if removing the plant makes a difference. It’s also a good idea to try things out on your own and see what your gut says.

Plants and flowers frequently bring positive life energy into bedrooms. The elemental qualities of wood, such as healing, growth, and human-heartedness, are brought in by green plants. Joy and uplifting qi are brought in by fresh-cut flowers.

Your front door gotta be red!

In general, red is a lucky colour in feng shui because it protects and attracts wealth. That does not, however, imply that you must paint your front door red.

Colours have different meanings and effects, and you can invite different energies into your home. A colour other than red may be more beneficial to some people. It is highly dependent on the individual circumstances and qi of those who live in the house.

Your bed must face the lucky direction!

When it comes to feng shui, you must always keep the practical in mind. When it comes to bed placement, the first thing to remember is to put it in a commanding position. This places you in the best position in the room. But make sure it works for you in terms of functionality.