Feng Shui Office Seating Arrangement


The office chair is also very significant in office Feng Shui. It is where you spend most of your time throughout the day, affecting your work mood and productivity during the day. Then, what are the Feng Shui office seating colour and design dos and don’ts?

Rules for Arrangement

If your office chair faces the front door, which is the office’s air and energy portal, you’ll conflict with the aura zone, influencing your subconscious and nervous system, making you vulnerable to a bad temper or illness. If you don’t work at the front desk, put a screen or plant between the door and your office seating. This is to solve the issue of Feng Shui office seating facing the front door.

The washroom door should not be visible from the office seating. A washroom is a place of mephitis in Feng Shui, and its door is the outlet of mephitis. If your office seating faces the washroom entrance, you are at risk of becoming ill from inhaling too much mephitis. If you can’t change the situation, put a screen or a big broad-leaved plant between the washroom and your seating, and keep the washroom door closed to keep mephitis at bay.

The office seating should have some back support, which means the chair should be positioned against a solid wall. There will be no help for office seating that faces a window, door, or passageway. If your office seating is vacant behind you, you would feel vulnerable from a psychological standpoint. As someone walks behind you, they will distract you, and part of your attention goes to the area behind you; over time, this will absorb your energy and harm your work performance and health. If you don’t have a sturdy wall to back you up, you can use a low cabinet or screen behind your chair to alter the situation, or you can pick a chair with a higher back to depend on and block the influence of evil spirits.

More on Rules of Arrangement

The office seating does not have a mirror behind it since this exposes the back of your head to those in the mirror, which is harmful to your health. If you place the mirror beside your chair rather than behind it, the back of your head not the mirror and you will be fine. If your office seating clings to the front wall, you won’t be able to see people or objects around you, and you’ll feel vulnerable, which will affect the stability of your nervous system.

Your office seating should not face other people since this will affect your psychology and make you feel like you don’t have any privacy; it will either make you two feel awkward or divert your focus by chatting with each other, which will affect your job. To keep you apart, place some potted plants or files between you.

Office Chair

Your office chair should not face the supervisor’s or boss’s room door. This is because you may by their every step, be unable to focus, and eventually have a confrontation with them.

If you don’t have enough light in your workplace, you’ll develop a condition of “too much Yin,”. Lack of solar energy but a surplus of magnetic energy triggers it, making you passive, lazy, and negative.

Since people are still sensitive to things above their heads and fearful of falling, your office seating does not have a beam or pendant lamp above it. As a result, once there is a beam or pendant lamp above your seating, your subconscious will be practically armed to defend yourself at any moment. Even if you haven’t put in a lot of work, you can expend a lot of energy and become exhausted after a while. You have the option to switch seats if the situation warrants it!

Is it a good idea to provide direct lighting on your office chair?

It’s not because of the low light, many people will place a lamp above the chair, and because the lamp is too close to the chair, the lamplight will always directly illuminate from above. Direct lighting above will make you feel anxious, dizzy, and restless when it comes to environmental design. Your office seating should not be surrounded by a lot of random items or a trash can, all of which are potential sources of mephitis.

Since any electric device, such as a printer, photocopier, or fax machine, will emit radiation harmful to the human body, your office seating should not be surrounded by large-scale electric appliances or other electric appliances. Furthermore, the noise produced by these large-scale electric appliances would harm the human body.

The colour

The material and colour of a Feng Shui office chair have specific meanings in the five elements. Since you spend more time sitting at your desk than at your desk table, you are more influenced by it. If you don’t have any metal in five of your elements and your office furniture is from wood, an inter-restriction between wood and metal can develop. It is bad for your luck. Nowadays, most office seating is from wood or metal, and unless you are the boss. It is impossible to adjust the office seating. As a result, the seating cushion and back cushion colour use to adjust the negative conditions. Also, provide a compliment for the missing feature.