Feng Shui Period 8: What Does It Mean?


Feng shui period is a term used in the flying star school of feng shui (called San Yuan). It is to define the movement of lucky energies. Flying star is a feng shui school that deals with the time factor.

Each time period in feng shui lasts for 20 years, and, as there are 9 periods, a complete cycle takes 180 years. Period 8 started on Feb.4, 2004.

The feng shui Bagua trigram that represents period 8 is the Ken Trigram. Ken Trigram represents the feng shui element of the earth (mountain symbol). Also, the youthful energy (young man symbol) and the direction of the Northeast.

Let’s look at how these three factors of period 8. The earth feng shui element, the youthful energy (young man symbol). And lastly, the Northeast direction defines the feng shui interpretations for period 8.

Earth Element

Earth element defines the most auspicious feng shui colors and materials for the feng shui of period 8. Light yellow color (earthy color) is considered very auspicious in period 8. Thus yellow feng shui crystals are wonderful energy enhancers as they double the desired lucky energy for period 8 with their color (yellow) and material (earth).

Choose yellow citrine (be sure it is not radiated, as most commercially sold citrines are actually radiated amethyst); yellow amber or yellow jasper. You can bring their feng shui energy into your home with the actual crystals or specific decor items made from crystals, such as small bowls or carvings. You can also benefit from their feng shui energy when wearing jewelry with these beneficial crystals.

The auspicious energy for period 8 can also be drawn with the earth element materials, such as decor items made from clay, ceramics, stones, etc. On a bigger scale, the earth element of period 8 is considered to determine an industry’s good luck connected to land/earth resources and a bigger shift towards caring for our earth.

Youthful Energy

Youthful energy in the feng shui period 8 is commonly interpreted as success for companies. It focused on teenagers and young adults and the success of various entrepreneurship forms, which manifests youthful energy. A stronger focus on health and happy relationships is considered another effect of period 8. As youthful energy is maintained in your life, you have good health and enjoy healthy, happy relationships.

Northeast Direction

The northeast direction being auspicious in feng shui period 8 is usually interpreted as the house absorbing more luck if the main door of the house faces Northeast and the energy benefit that comes from facing Northeast while working, for example. If Northeast happens to be one of your best feng shui directions, then the benefits are double.

Globally, it is considered that in period 8, the Northeast countries, such as Japan or China, as well as cities, such as, for example, New York, will see more success and improvements.