Feng Shui Staircase Energy Tips



A staircase in itself is not bad feng shui. It would help if you had a staircase in a house with several levels, but the idea is to make the energy as harmonious as possible.

The so-called bad feng shui reputation of staircases is similar to bathrooms. Both are needed, and both can contribute to good feng shui energy in your home. The feng shui concern with staircases is that a staircase typically creates a quality of unsettling energy. Depending on the energy flow in a specific home (as determined by its floor plan), this unsettling energy can easily spread throughout the house.

When trying to assess the specific feng shui staircase, look at these factors:

The Location of the Staircase

The worst feng shui staircase locations inside a home are:

  • a staircase facing the front door
  • a staircase in the center of the home
The Design and Style of the Staircase

The worst designs of a staircase are:

  • a design with open space between the steps
  • a staircase with metal railing and handrails in a wood element area

Generally, it is best to avoid the spiral-shaped (or corkscrew) design of a staircase in the house’s center, especially if the staircase is made mostly of metal.

Because the energy of a staircase is unsettled, up-and-down energy, it is good to focus on creating a more balanced, grounded energy by applying easy decorating tips.

For example, you can:

  • Use surrounding walls to display art and photos in visually strong frames. Choose colors and materials according to the feng shui element needed in the specific Bagua area.
  • Install lighting with a strong presence. This can help ground and calm the energy. You can choose one big chandelier or several visually attractive wall sconces; decide which design suits your home style the best.
  • Consider adding beautiful architectural features, be it wainscoting or moldings. They will add character and presence to your staircase area.
  • Maximize your landing area space by adding beautiful art or healthy, lush plants in stylish pots. If the Bagua area where your staircase is located can benefit from the water element, consider adding a framed mirror or a small fountain.
    With just a bit of planning and effort, you can truly transform the energy of your staircase and stop worrying about its bad feng shui.