Tips for Managing a Bed That Is Parallel to the Door in Feng Shui

The bed is the furniture item in your home that should be placed most strategically for feng shui. Feng shui is a philosophy that seeks to enhance your well-being by paying attention to the qi flow in your environment. Given that we likely spend more time in bed than anyplace else in the house, it’s crucial to arrange your bed according to the best feng shui principles.

We also spend a significant amount of time passively in bed while we sleep. We are more receptive to the forces surrounding us when we are asleep. The bed is a private space in the house, which contributes to its importance in feng shui. (Hopefully, the public is not permitted.) You consequently spend your most intimate moments there. Because of this, your bed in feng shui is what most accurately and significantly symbolizes you.

The Coffin Placement

The majority of the several feng shui schools concur that, if at all feasible, the bed should not be in line with the entryway. The “coffin position” is a term used in ancient feng shui schools. This explains one possible arrangement for your bed to be next to the entryway.

How can you tell whether you are lying in the coffin position? Your feet are pointing in the direction of the door as you lay in bed.

The Position of Command

Your bed is not in the “commanding posture” when it faces the door. Ideally, you want to be in control of your bed because that means you are in control of your life. You will be in the best possible position to benefit from positive energy, which will increase your success in the world. You want to place your bed such that when you’re in bed, you can see the door without being directly in front of it. This is known as being in the “commanding position.”


The Qi’s flow

The chi (life force energy), which enters via the door and into the bed when your bed is in this position, is another reason why it’s not ideal to have your bed aligned with the door.


Ensure that your bed is parallel to the door.

If you enter the bedroom through the entrance and proceed to walk in a straight line, you will run into your bed since the bed and the door is lined up. The qi enters the bed in just this manner. Two examples are shown in the diagram below, along with a suggested fix.


Tips for Aligning a Bed with a Door

Shift the Bed

The best and initial option is to relocate the bed. Again, moving the bed is the ideal solution to fix a bed that is perpendicular to the door. Many individuals reject this, simply choosing the second (crystal ball) choice. But to be honest, you should only choose the second option if you are truly unable to shift the bed into a more advantageous position.


A Feng Shui crystal ball should be hung

A feng shui crystal ball can be hung as an additional option to modify a bed that is parallel to the door. Employ a fresh, faceted feng shui crystal ball and hang it from a red string if you decide to use this method. Any qi that enters via the door will be deflected and dispersed by the faceted crystal ball, keeping it away from you while you’re in bed.

Halfway between the bed and the door, suspend the new crystal ball from the ceiling. The top of the door frame should be where the length meets. Make sure the door doesn’t fall on the crystal. Refer to the diagram up top for suggested placements.

Make adjustments using furniture

If your bedroom is big enough, you could put a piece of furniture midway between the bed and the door, such as a screen or a free-standing bookshelf. Additionally, this will scatter and deflect any qi that enters via the entrance. It’s a wise choice.

If you choose to do this, be sure the space is still plenty and not crowded. To get into and out of the bed and through the door, there should be enough room. Basically, if the furniture gets in the way of the entrance or the bed, don’t utilize this adjustment. Use the crystal option instead.



Position the bed in relation to the windows and doors

A bedroom’s energy can be sapped by a door and a window that are in direct contact. Avoid having your bed next to two doors or windows at night. If your room is small, make sure the windows face the side of the building rather than the front or the back, where you will receive more sunlight, particularly during the dawn and sunset. Your bed is most comfortable facing the door.

Be careful not to point your feet directly out the door. The coffin position is what it is called. It’s also known as the “door facing the bed superstition.” You can still change it if your bed is in the “coffin position,” which is directly in front of your door.

The headboard should be placed against a solid wall.

Make sure your bed’s headboard is positioned against a solid wall and not a blank wall. This indicates that your back should be supported. Place your bed away from the room’s centre, away from the headboard. Also, refrain from letting the entire bed float in the middle of the space. A placement issue with many chi effects can result from a headboard that is faced away from the front entrance.

You’ll need the wall behind you to support yourself, so it’s crucial. Also, stay away from windows behind the head of the bed, especially if you have vision problems or are on the ground floor. Make sure there is a sturdy bed and not a window behind you.


Final Thoughts on Handling a Bed Aligned with the Door according to Feng Shui

As you can see, Feng Shui is an age-old discipline focused on the alignment of specific arrangements and objects around your home or place of business that aims to improve your health and quality of life. Try using Feng Shui to control the energy in your space and improve your well-being and quality of life.