Faceted Crystal Point with Mantra


Students preparing for exams should hold the Crystal Point in their left hand or place it near them while studying.

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This exquisite piece has a Faceted Crystal Point made from high-quality quartz crystal standing on a clear crystal glass base. The surface of the crystal point embossed in gold, the beautiful Tibetan OM MANI PADME HUM mantra The Clear Crystal Point and base sparkle as they catch and reflect light in a myriad of enchanting patterns and rainbow colours. Simply beautiful!

OM MANI PADME HUM is probably the most famous mantra in Buddhism. It is the six syllabled mantras of the Bodhisattva of Compassion, Avalokiteshvara (Tibetan Chenrezig, Chinese Guanyin). The mantra is easy to recite yet powerful because it contains the essence of the entire teachings of Buddha. It has the power to bless the heart and mind of any who come into contact with it. Its special benefit is to uncover and foster the compassion innate in all beings, developing positive qualities and so, happiness naturally increases in one’s life.

The Dalai Lama is said to be an incarnation of Chenrezig or Avalokiteshvara, so the mantra is especially revered by his devotees and it is commonly carved onto rocks and written on paper which is then inserted into prayer wheels to increase its effects. Invite the blessings of the Bodhisattva of Compassion into your life with this auspicious item.

Clear Quartz crystals or rock crystal, is one of earth’s most common mineral and most universally used crystals. It generally regarded as the mirror of the soul because it reflects and radiates that in us which is divine. This crystal has very strong powers of protection. It aids in healing meditation therapy to purify the mind, body and spirit for balanced emotions and clarity of thoughts. Because of this special attribute, Clear quartz has the ability to enhance the energies of other gemstones and natural crystals when placed near them.

The Faceted Crystal Point with Mantra is also reputed to aid students in their studies. Students preparing for exams should hold the Crystal Point in their left hand or place it near them while studying.  Also, bring it along into your exams and the retention powers of the crystal will help you obtain good grades. Many people swear that it worked for them, so should it be on you! Make sure that the Crystal Point is kept personal and not shared with others.

Here is how you can use the Natural Clear Quartz Faceted Crystal Point with Mantra:

1. Place Faceted Crystal Point with Mantra in the Southwest sector of your living rooms or bedroom to enhance your Love and Romance luck and at the same time benefit the matriarch. The Southwest sector governs Love, Romance and Marriage Luck based on the Bagua 8 Life Aspirations Theory and its element is Earth.

2. Have Faceted Crystal Point with Mantra on your work desk or study desk to help you to focus your mental powers and develop better concentration and memory.

3. Display the Faceted Crystal Point with Mantra in the Northwest. This is to increase money luck and opportunities from helpful people in your business pursuits or career. The Northwest is the universal sector for Mentor Luck based on the Bagua 8 Life Aspirations Theory and its element is Metal. Crystals represent earth energy, and Earth produces Metal in the productive cycle of elements.

4. The Faceted Crystal Point with Mantra in the Northeast of a bedroom will enhance the occupant’s educational luck.

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