Feng Shui Money Cures to Improve Your Personal Wealth

We all want a lot of money in our lives so that we can live comfortably. Financial wealth, opportunities, luck, friendships, and other forms of wealth can all be obtained. We will discuss the Feng shui items for wealth that you can use in this section. Here are some Feng shui for wealth tips that you should implement in your daily life to achieve the best results.

Developing a Wealth Corner

The Feng shui Bagua is a wealth-related area. In Chinese, this is known as Xun. When you stand in front of your bedroom door, the far-left corner is the wealth corner. Place purple accessories or furniture, a living green houseplant, and a small flowing water fountain in your room to activate the wealth corner. Activating the wealth corner of the room by Feng shui for wealth will bring a lot of prosperity into your home.

Activating the Inviting Entry Concept

In Feng shui, the entrance gate to a house is known as the “mouth of qi.” All energies such as wealth, resources, and opportunities enter your home through the front door. As a result, you must enable the inviting entry. You must clean your home’s entire entryway regularly. A clean welcome mat should be placed inside your home to ensure the proper flow of resources and energy. You should also try walking through the front door at least once daily.

Citrine Crystal Utilization

Citrine is regarded as a popular crystal for attracting wealth. This is a very vibrant gold-toned quartz that brings you a lot of wealth and prosperity. This is one of the crystals that does not absorb and neutralize negative energies. As a result, it promotes an adequate flow of wealth into your life with ease and good health.

General Feng Shui Cure for Financial Luck

There are numerous other feng shui remedies for money problems.

  • Toad with Three Legs

This iconic statue, also known as the money frog, can be used to repair money luck. Make sure a coin is in the toad’s mouth and place it prominently on a table, desk, or bookshelf facing the room.

  • Purple and silver

Silver and purple are two words that mean “money.” Use these colors to improve your financial luck.


  • The colors red and gold

This two-color scheme represents fire and metal. To attract money luck, place this color combination in the southeast and your wealth sector.

Keeping an Orange Bowl in the House Oranges, like Feng Shui, originated in China

As a result, oranges are regarded as a significant symbol of good fortune and wealth in Feng shui. The orange fragrance is also thought to be very vibrant and uplifting. According to Feng shui wealth beliefs, you should always have a bowl of fresh oranges in your kitchen or living room to attract a lot of wealth as well as auspicious energy.

Putting a Feng Shui Money Plant in Your Home

There are various types of money plants that can help to support the incoming wealth in your home. Pilea peperomioides and jade plants are the most well-known varieties of money plants that you can keep in your home. By keeping these plants in your home, you will undoubtedly invite abundance and prosperity.

Putting a Feng Shui Tortoise in Your Home

Another excellent addition to your home is a Feng Shui Tortoise. Glass, resins, mud, metals, wood, and crystals are commonly used to create these tortoises. This is a symbol of long life and great wealth.

Protecting Prosperity with an Evil Eye

The evil eye is a well-known and powerful Feng shui symbol for empowering and stimulating good fortune and bringing abundance. Having this in your home brings a lot of prosperity and also serves as beautiful wall décor.

Installation of a Wind Chime in a Home

You can place a specially designed metal-based wind chime decorated with metal coins in your home to attract enormous wealth.

Clear Out Your Clutter

Begin by de-cluttering if you have too many things lying around the house. Clutter saps energy and causes confusion, dissatisfaction, and depression. As you walk from room to room, imagine water flowing through the entrance. Get rid of anything that is in your way or makes you feel uneasy. Get rid of anything you don’t use regularly. We guarantee you won’t be sorry.


When decluttering, you want to make sure that there are clear and open spaces. These give you breathing space and allow you to explore, move, create, and simply be your most natural and best self.

Complete the Repairs

It’s time to repair any leaky faucets or toilets that have simply fallen out of favor due to damage. Repairing these will not only save you time and money in the long run, but it will also keep you happy. Nothing relaxes a person more than good hygiene, as the saying goes.

Install an Aquarium in Your Home

Adding an aquarium to the north or southeast side of your home is one of the best feng shui money tips. The north side provides job opportunities, whereas the southeast sector provides financial abundance. The tank should have 8 redfish and 1 blackfish because that is considered a lucky number for attracting positive Chi. In the living room, the southeast sector is your Feng Shui wealth corner.

Set up your desk in command mode

A good Feng Shui principle is to place your desk or workspace in the room’s command position. This is usually diagonally from the entrance, but the position ensures that the door is not directly in your line of sight. It gives you the impression that you are the master of your energy and attracts wealth and prosperity. When you arrange your desk in this manner, make sure there are no windows behind you because a window drains your finances and does not support you.

Install a mirror in front of the dining table.

The dining room or table is where your family gets nourishment and bonds. Placing a mirror in front of the table, where everyone can see and talk, attracts positive energy. When positioning the mirror, make sure there are no doors opposite it, as this drains good luck and brings misfortune instead.

Feng Shui is about more than just financial wealth and abundance. It is also about making your life easier and attracting more harmonious energy into your surroundings. When given enough time, the arrangement of these non-living and living elements works in harmony and has a subconscious effect on your soul. And you can see these grow as you notice positive effects in your life.