Wealth Lock Coin

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You can keep the Wealth Lock Coin with you at all times for wealth protection & enhancement, and investment portfolios for windfall luck.

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This uniquely shaped lock coin is a replica of the ancient Chinese Wealth Lock Coin designed to safeguard your wealth and possessions whilst enhancing your money-making luck. The lock shape of the entire coin locks up the money made so that one can save it for a lifetime. This coin will also magnify speculative affairs such as lotteries, 4-digits, football bets, horse racing, and the stock market. The Lock coin has the Chinese characters “Jin Yi Liang” (meaning “one ounce of gold” which is quite a fortune in those days) surrounded by four bats inviting more good fortune, prosperity, and longevity. For added good measure, there are two strands each of tied Chinese coins flanking the central “gold” image. The other side of the lock coin is decorated with various powerful wealth enhancers – ingots, treasures, and even the Cintamani wish-fulfilling jewel. This gorgeous wealth enhancer is beautifully finished with a red Chinese cord and the mystic knot is to empower it for endless luck and abundance.

You can either keep the Wealth Lock Coin with you at all times for wealth protection & enhancement, keep with your investment portfolios for windfall luck, or display/hang it in the wealth (South East) sector based on the Eight Trigrams Theory or boost favorable Flying Stars, especially the #8 Wealth Star. This item is also a powerful cure to protect against the #7 Robbery Star which attacks the vulnerability of your money & possessions. Besides looking fabulous as a decorative accessory or hanging, the combined energies from these powerful symbols will bring you blessings of abundance, prosperity, harmony, good health & longevity, and protection from wealth loss.

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