Five Yellow Star Wu Wang

To Feng Shui practitioners, one of the most harmful and negative afflictions affecting one’s life is the Five Yellow Star, also known as the Wu Wang. The Five Yellow is an Earth element affliction that brings serious illness, loss of financial success, and a series of hostile obstacles preventing success and happiness.

Five Yellow

This Five Yellow is the number 5 of the annual and monthly flying star charts. It occupies 45 degrees of the compass and changes location every year. It can affect the home or office’s energy and can appear in the Flying Star natal chart as either a “mountain star 5” or a “water star 5”. Those affected by it would do well to heed the warnings on how to avoid the negative forces behind the Five Yellow. Here is some advice on how to best avoid disturbing the 5 Yellow, which will help in diminishing potential harm:

01. Avoid cutting down any trees in the afflicted sector since this could immediately activate this serious affliction. Those who ignore this advice could face illness, an accident, or the destruction of business ventures. A sudden, potentially fatal occurrence could occur if someone goes against this advice.

02. Do not dig into the ground around your home or business if the sector is affected by the 5 Yellow Star. This could cause rapid illness to occur.

03. Once you know the part of your home or the land surrounding it afflicted by this dangerous star, do not further disturb it. Try to maintain peace, as opposed to creating loud noises in that area. Pets of any kind kept in the area could disturb the 5 Yellow so try moving them to another area of the home or the outdoor area.

04. It is not wise to begin a renovation project in the house portion of the 5 Yellow hits it. Renovation of the home, in general, may potentially be acceptable though it would best be avoided. By all means, make certain you do not start or end the renovation in the place of the Five Yellow.


To prevent further disturbing this hostile influence, try appeasing it by keeping lights dim in an attempt to create a peaceful environment. Light affects the Fire chi, and it is thought to give strength to the already powerful 5 Yellow Earth energy. This doesn’t mean you must keep your entire home or office in the dark, but you would do well to keep lighting to a minimum in the areas affected by the 5 Yellow.

If the 5 Yellow, or Wu Wang, occupies your dwelling sector where your main entrance door is located, extra caution must be used. The very act of opening or closing the door, or the activity that usually occurs around the dwelling’s entrance, brings alive the bad vibrations and opens the way for harmful elements to enter.

If your bedroom is affected by the Wu Wang, you should strongly consider sleeping in another room for a period of time.  That this nasty star lingers.

These are the tips of what to avoid doing during the affliction of the 5 Yellow/Wu Wang. There are remedies or cures to combat the negativity:


1 out of 3

Place a brass or golden metal Five-Element Pagoda or Sun and Moon 5 Element Pagoda where the harmful Five Yellow is located. Place two or three to strengthen the cure. Metal combats the negative influences. Unleash the Five-Element Pagoda’s protective action by unscrewing the object’s top. Then, fill it with the earth from your garden or a potted plant that you own. Screw the top back in place, and this is a symbol that you are “locking up” the earth surrounding you and preventing the 5 Yellow from harming it.

This pagoda is usually with the character “Chien” to keep the deadly 5 Yellow energy suppressed. “Chien” is a mighty sign representing Heaven. The pagoda is sometimes inscribed with auspicious Fuk Luk Sau written in calligraphy, intended to keep you and your family members safe. Other types of 5-Element Pagodas include the addition of the Trinity or Tien, Ti, and Ren, and one that the Tree of Life inscribed on it. Carry-along protection cures are the Golden Mantra Pagoda Keychain or 5 Element Sun & Moon Pagoda Talisman Keychain.

2 out of 3

The 5 Element Singing Bell is another Feng Shui product that may suppress the negative energy. It also keeps it from escaping and wreaking havoc. This cure uses 7 types of metal. It is for this reason, the sound it makes is said to pierce, cleanse, move and nourish negative chi. Please place it in the sector afflicted by the Five Yellow Flying Star. Ring it at least once a week to dissolve this misfortune bringing earth star.

3 out of 3

The Luck Transformation Fan is another Feng Shui cure to use in fighting the deadly 5 Yellow. It is a great product that can transform your misfortune luck. The fan base has the shape of the powerful pa Kua that offers protection from bad luck.

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