Good Feng Shui Refrigerator Tips



You didn’t see it wrong. Yes, even your refrigerator must “settle” to attract wealth and health for the successful Feng Shui. So let’s see what some do’s are and don’t make your refrigerator.

Do not have an empty Refrigerator.

Cold drinks closely linked to a household’s diet, which symbolises an excess of food if there is enough. If the refrigerator is empty, the condition is adverse, so make sure that your refrigerator is full of food.

Clean the refrigerator regularly.

In Feng Shui, the refrigerator has strong links to family members’ wealth, so you can maintain it clean by removing expired food, reddish ingredients and unwanted items. It encourages good fortune for the family until it’s free of clutter.

The fridge must not face the Kitchen Door.

Regardless of whether the fridge is in the living room or kitchen, the fridge should not face doors because the energy (qi) flow is challenging and can create wealth volatility and even bankruptcy.

Remove cooler from the stove.

Refrigerator belongs to the elements of Metal, whereas the stove is fire and they conflict in the five elements, so it’s advisable to keep them apart. It is also a No since it causes arguments and disharmony in the household. It is the same thing.

Do not place other electronics on top of the refrigerator.

Since the electricity magnet airflow would be emitted, it is not recommended that it should not add ovens, microwaves, juicers, and any other electrical equipment to the fridges.

Do not put a refrigerator in your bedroom.

People nowadays prefer to have more than 1 refrigerator in their house, but removing the refrigerator from the room is recommended because the person staying in the room would be impacted with intense thought, a weird personality, and a good job.

I hope these basic tips can be applied to a better kitchen and Feng Shui Fridge.