How to Determine Facing Direction of a House?


In Feng Shui philosophy, it is important for us to determine the facing direction of the house correctly and accurately in order to benefit from many of the compass formulas. The very first step in determining a house direction is to examine the facade of the property. If so, how do we decide what the facade is? The primary method is to identify the direction the house face. There is a common misstep when comes to taking a direction. Most people confused that they have to use the main door of the property as a reference point. Keep in mind that the facing direction of the house is not necessarily the same as the facing direction of your main door.

In some houses, both the main front door as well as the house itself was designed to face the same direction. But this may not necessarily always be the case, sometimes the main front door is the facade and sometimes it is not. Some house’s front door was located to the side of the property where the face’s direction is different from its facade. So to be on the safe side, always look at the facade of the building when determining a facing direction.

After identified the facade, it is time to find out the facing direction with the compass reading. Stand at the central palace with a good accuracy compass or Feng Shui Luo Pan and look out to see which direction the compass yields, the reading on the compass shows the Facing Direction of the property.

Move away if there are any strong iron or steel objects close to you as this will interrupt the accuracy of the compass reading.