Intellectual and Examinations luck in 2022

In order to achieve in school, enhance attention, and improve the quality of one’s thinking. Everyone requires a little luck in addition to hard effort. In today’s world, knowledge is synonymous with success. Every type of job needs some level of knowledge, literature, abilities, and information and, in order to thrive in our jobs, we need to have luck in order to constantly be ahead of the pack. In order to maximise the positive energies to the maximum extent possible in 2022, it is a good habit to look carefully at all of the examination/intellectual accomplishment sectors.

There are two sectors that cannot be ignored:
1. Obtaining outstanding Results – North
2. Intellectual Environment – Southeast



The intellectual’s brightest star Wen Chang Star #4 (also known as Si Lu) is a SOUTHEAST-flying star. The Wen Chang Star #4 has both a positive and a poor side in Period 8 (2004-2024). It is, nevertheless, quite steady and neutral. On the plus side, this Star will bring excellent fortune in networking, noblemen, literary pursuits, nobility, riches, agility, and even wonderful romance leading to marriage and eternal love tales. On the other hand, it might lead to literary disputes, third-party marital participation, and sex scandals. To release only positive energy, one must demonstrate a positive booster. If you ignore it, the negative effects will become more noticeable.


The nefarious Three Killings have struck the NORTH. Three Violent Robbers in the Mountain are referred to as the “Three Killings.” It’s a mix of Sui Sha (Age Killing), Jie Sha (Plundering Killing), and Calamity Killing (Calamity Killing) (Zai Sha). They move in sync, giving feng shui gurus and practitioners goosebumps. They’re sometimes referred to as the “Three Curses.”