Kyanite For Good Feng Shui Tips




Like any other crystal or stone, Kyanite has a special meaning, as well as unique properties. The energy of kyanite is beneficial and uniquely nurturing. Kyanite can help people who have a busy lifestyle because it promotes inner balance and protects them from negative influences.

Usually, when people think of kyanite, they envision blue kyanite. Even the name kyanite means deep blue in Greek. However, kyanite comes in many colors. You can find white, orange, green, and even black kyanite, each color expressing this stone’s specific properties. For example, black kyanite will have additional grounding and protective properties connected to the energies of the first or root chakra. All black color stones are protective. From black obsidian and tourmaline to black onyx. The orange kyanite will activate and nourish the sexual energy center, similar to other orange stones, such as carnelian.

Unique Aspects
  • Kyanite is one of the very few stones (along with citrine) that do not absorb negative energy, so it does not need cleansing. Kyanite is also a very peaceful stone that gently rebalances one’s energy and promotes a healthy and peaceful way of being.
  • Most kyanite comes from the USA and Brazil.
  • Kyanite is a beautiful stone to have in anyone’s bedroom, especially in children’s bedrooms. It will calm the energy while nourishing the person who holds it close. Along with rose quartz, kyanite makes a healing and peaceful presence for any home. Feng shui-wise, kyanite brings soothing, calming energy for any Bagua area of a home or office. You can also display kyanite on your altar and use it in your meditations.
  • The best feng shui area for placing kyanite will depend on its color. If you have blue or black kyanite, place it in the North, East, or Southeast Bagua areas. If you have orange kyanite, it can be an excellent addition to your Love & Marriage area (Southwest).
  • The unpolished/raw form of kyanite is the most soothing one. Raw kyanite sticks come very handily for travel, body healing, massage, or even use as a bookmark! The closer the stone is to your body, the more you benefit from it, so using a kyanite stick is practical and easy. You can also choose kyanite in its polished form, such as spheres, hearts, etc. There is a wide variety of kyanite jewelry available, from kyanite earrings to beads and bracelets. Choose the form that works best for your lifestyle and your budget, and be sure to give kyanite a try—it will make for a true, humble, and faithful friend.