Mandarin Ducks : A Feng Shui Cure for Love

Mandarin ducks are the most well-known, possibly the best, and widely used traditional feng shui love cure. The term “traditional” or “classical” feng shui refers to a cure that is based on culturally specific images, symbols, and overall historical usage.


How to pick the mandarin ducks?

Is it true that you should use the Mandarin ducks as a feng shui cure to attract a love partner because of their traditional value? It is entirely up to you. The best way is to Choose the Mandarin ducks as a feng shui cure for attracting love only if you genuinely, completely, and absolutely feel the energy of love and devotion when you look at them.

 Do you think the Mandarin ducks convey love to you? Or do you want a happy marriage? When choosing feng shui cures for your home, be honest with yourself, because you will benefit (or not) from your honesty and intelligent feng shui work.

Because feng shui is thought to have originated in China, the majority of traditional feng shui cures, such as the use of Mandarin ducks, have their origins in Chinese mythology. 

Let’s take a look at how to use Mandarin Ducks as a Classical feng shui love cure and then see if there are any other images with good feng shui love energy that are more appropriate for you.

Which Display Objects Should You Use?

This is a lovely pair of Mandarin Ducks with impressive details given to the finishing.

As a feng shui love cure, you can use an image, such as a photo or painting, or small statues of Mandarin ducks. Small Mandarin duck statues are available in a variety of materials, including faceted lead crystals, rose quartz, brass, and jade figurines. A pair of Mandarin ducks made from rose quartz crystal may add extra energy to your feng shui love cure because rose quartz holds healing love energy.


Where to place it?
This is a beautiful oriental knick-knack featuring a brocade embroidery of a pair of Mandarin Ducks.

The Mandarin ducks are traditionally placed in the love and marriage area of your home Bagua. Place your ducks in the Southwest area of your home if you follow the classical feng shui school. If you prefer the BTB feng shui school, concentrate on the upper right corner or area of your home. Another good feng shui place is to display it in your personal lucky love direction, which is by looking at your birth date.


What are the requirements to display?

This is a lovely pair of Mandarin Duck beautifully crafted with their ‘plumage’ filled with colorful enamel.

Never have just one Mandarin duck on display; it will not work as a happy love symbol. instead, display it as a couple. Make sure they’re all looking in the same direction and that the energy around them is clean, well-lit, appealing, and welcoming. 

You must approach feng shui with caution and thoughtfulness. This indicates that you recognize feng shui as a powerful energy work that does not constraint by culturally specific images or quick and magical “fix-it-now-and-forever” cures. No feng shui cure will solve your problems, but good feng shui energy created with skill will undoubtedly remove blockages and invite stronger, more potent energy to assist you on your life’s journey.