Feng Shui Wall Blocking Open Up


In feng shui, walls’ right location can promote a good energy flow and enhance the positive feelings in a home. A challenging wall location will do the opposite. It can block or completely stop energy flow, thus creating a stagnant space where not much good is happening. The right feng shui wall location can enhance the positive energy in a home or office. A challenging wall location will do the opposite.

Several walls can create potential feng shui challenges in your home and your office. As with most blocking walls, the goal is to make them energetically disappear, especially if they are too close to your body.

How do you make a wall disappear without actually tearing it down? You make it carry, or represent, a specific quality of energy. A quality of energy that you either need or desire. You can use various colors, images, and decor items. It is important to be sure, though, that the art or images you plan to work with are suitable for the feng shui Bagua area the wall is located in.

Look at three potentially challenging feng shui wall locations, along with suggestions on energetically dissolve the blocking energy of these walls.

Focus on the wall

Focus on the wall you see before you go to sleep and as soon as you wake up. Everything in your bedroom closely connects to your energy field, especially the items, images, and colors on the wall facing your bed. Focus on having your bedroom reflect the quality of energy most in line with your dreams, character, and personality. Be mindful of the fact that some images and elements are bad feng shui for the bedroom. This applies to images of water, big mirrors facing the bed, and images inappropriate for a bedroom, such as violent, sad, or depressing images.

Concentrate on the wall

Concentrate on the wall you see as soon as you enter your home (or your business space). If you face a wall first immediately after you come into your business or your home, focus on making it carry a beautiful, high-quality amount of energy. You can do that with art, or even better, a big mural, a row of tall lush plants, vibrant wall paint, or all of the above. Be mindful not to hang a big mirror facing your front door, as a mirror facing the door (especially the front door) will push the Chi, or Universal energy, away. This considers as bad feng shui.

Look at the wall

Look at the wall you face while working at your desk. If you face a wall in your workspace all day long, your energy is restricted and blocked. Here is what you can do when you have to face a blocking wall for several hours a day: hang colorful art or photos of places that inspire you, of people that helped you grow, or people you admire or hang your diplomas and certifications etc. The purpose is to transform a blocking wall into an inspiration wall. Instead of having your energy blocked, you will now absorb high energy from inspiring (for you) items.
Get creative and get empowered in your living or working space; this is always good feng shui. By knowing how to transform a blocking wall into a carrier of good energy, you will see the energy in your space changing in no time.

If you want to go deeper and be sure you are creating good feng shui when transforming a blocking wall into a carrier of good energy, define the Bagua of your home. This will let you see which area is your blocking wall located in and give more specific guidelines as to the choice of colors and images.

For example, if you have a blocking wall in your career feng shui area, it is best to work with colors blue and black and white and gray (these colors are nourishing for the water feng shui element of the career Bagua area). If your blocking wall is in the love feng shui area, you will be wise to choose the fire and earth feng shui elements’ colors and images.