Pi Yao (Pi Xiu) for Good Feng Shui

Pair of Pi Yao with Ruyi and Ball

Not many feng shui enthusiasts are familiar with the use of Pi Yao or Pi Xiu. This does not make it less powerful, though. In fact, it is the only feng shui cure used in the flying stars school of feng shui to protect against a specific type of negative energy, called the Grand Duke (Tai Sui).

If you are following the annual feng shui updates, you can check the best area to position the Pi Yao or Pi Xiu for protective feng shui energy this year. It is the most powerful protective feng shui cure against the Grand Duke (a flying stars school term). It is also a good feng shui cure to attract wealth. To a feng shui beginner, a Pi Xiu can look similar to a Fu Dog and a Chi Lin. Like the Chi Lin, the Pi Yao or Pi Xiu can be used either alone or in pairs.

As with most traditional Chinese feng shui cures, the Pi Xiu or Pi Yao symbol lies deep in Chinese mythology. With the fierce look of a winged lion, the mythical can ward off evil spirits and protect anyone from harm.

The Pi Yao is loyal and obedient, which makes him a very popular personal protector in traditional feng shui. This is the reason why you can find so many amulets with Pi Yao or Pi Xiu, be it bracelets, keychains or other accessories.

How is Pi Yao or Pi Xiu used for the best feng shui?
  • The first use is in the classical feng shui applications is a protective cure against the Grand Duke’s negative energy (Tai Sui). The Pi Yao’s right positioning (Pi Xiu) is in the Bagua direction opposite the area affected by the Grand Duke presence. For example, in 2012, the Tai Sui energy was in the Southeast area. So the Pi Yao was placed in the Northwest Bagua area facing Southeast.
  • A Metal Pi Yao or Pi Xiu is also used as a potent feng shui cure for two other negative energies as per flying star feng shui school. Find out the current location of the annual star #2 and star #5 and see if a Pi Yao can work for you there.
  • As a good luck and abundance cure, Pi Yao is widely displayed in offices and homes. For this purpose, it is best to display a pair of them. You can display them in your money area or your lucky direction for wealth. You can even simply in a prominent area of your living room. Do not place the symbol in the bathroom or the kitchen.

It is also sometimes displayed in a new home or a home with newly renovations; it is also used as a good luck charm with lottery tickets. Pi Yao or Pi Xiu’s popular use is a personal amulet, such as a bracelet or a keychain. This is because it allows you always to have your loyal personal protector nearby!