12 Horoscope Pa Kua with Lion Head Talisman


Hang the 12 Horoscope Pa Kua with Lion Head Talisman in your car or outside your house to deflect shar chi or killing chi.

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This protective brass amulet has a Pa Kua with an image of a Lion Head biting a sword in its center. This symbolizes magical spells to ward off evil spirits and entities. The other side of this octagonal amulet comprises the 12 horoscope animals surrounding a Yin Yang symbol, signifying balance and protection. This powerful talisman is further enhanced with a colorful mystic knot and finished in two red tassels.

The Pa Kua (or Bagua) is a traditional Feng Shui cure commonly used for protection against the most malignant type of energies – the killing energy or Shar Chi generated from ‘poison arrows’ directed to your house, shop, or building. Poison arrows can manifest in many forms: offending poles, lamp posts, trees, a large building, edges of the building, a road headed towards you, T-Junctions, escalators and other imposing structures, infrastructures, or landscape in front of your house or workplace’s main door, the ‘chi’ entry point. At its best, this kind of killing Chi could result in constant arguments, depression, and minor misfortunes, and at its worst brings severe sickness, mishaps, accidents, and even death in the household if it is not promptly dealt with. Baguas could also repel evil spirits and people with bad intentions towards you. The Yin Yang symbol in the center is highly regarded as an image of perfection, symbiosis, and unity.

Hang the 12 Horoscope Pa Kua with Lion Head Talisman in your car or outside your house to deflect shar chi or killing chi. It will ensure you reach your destination safe and sound. The Pa Kua will protect you and your family against harm and help ward off bad chi that can bring accidents and injuries.

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