3 Water Vases for Success


Display the 3 Water Vases for Success in your home or business premises to invite all-round good luck.

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Made from translucent glass in a beautiful shade of blue, this is a gorgeous set of 3 Blue Water Vases, each etched intricately with auspicious symbols of fish and lotus flowers.

The tall vase signifies a speedy climb up the corporate ladder, the round vase with smallmouth to store your wealth, and the shapely vase to enhance relationships and attract powerful mentors –in short, the successful attainment of wealth, power, career fulfillment, and abundance of opportunities. The blue glass, swimming fishes, and wave designs all symbolize Water energy which is a vital element in the practice of Feng Shui.

Water, the source of life and vital for all known living beings has an amazing healing power as it cleanses, refreshes, and restores energy in our lives. In traditional Feng Shui water, represented by the color blue, is associated with abundance and prosperity. If you want to activate more prosperity in your life you might try adding the element of water into your home. Energizing the water element of your space is an effective way to enhance good fortune and generally bring more opportunity to every aspect of your life. It is especially beneficial for boosting the positive energies of the good stars such as #1 White Star and #8 Wealth Star according to Feng Shui Flying Star.

Display the 3 Water Vases for Success in your home or business premises to invite all-around good luck. Using the 8 Trigrams chi map, you can display it in the southeast corner to activate wealth luck, the North for business and career luck, or the North West to attract money-making opportunities for the Patriarch.

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