Amitabha Buddha Six Rod Wind Chime

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The Amitabha Buddha Six Rod Wind Chime consists of 6 gold plated brass rods strung together on a horizontal metal bar which is adorned with the powerful image of Amitabha Buddha.


The Amitabha Buddha Six Rod Windchime consists of 6 gold plated brass rods strung together on a horizontal metal bar hanging from a bell-shaped base which is adorned with the powerful image of Amitabha Buddha, the chief of the Lotus Buddha family.

Amitabha, (meaning boundless light and infinite life in Sanskrit) is the Buddha in the Land of Ultimate Bliss (Pure Land), in which all beings enjoy unbounded happiness. One of the most popular and well-known Buddha in China (where he is known as Amitofu) and other parts of Asia, Amitabha is often seen with his two attendant Bodhisattvas, Avalokitesvara, representing compassion, and Mahasthamaprapta, representing wisdom. Together they form the Three Saints of the West or the Western Trinity. Revered as “The Buddha of Infinite Light”, he manifests boundless compassion, protecting and welcoming all into his realm of certain enlightenment. As head of the Lotus family, he is often depicted seated in serene meditation on a lotus throne, his radiant form warming and pacifying the hearts of all who gaze at him. His practice purifies all delusions and removes obstacles caused by one’s excessive attachment to material things, the embodiment of discriminating wisdom and antidote to desire.

Add some good Feng Shui to your home with the Amitabha Buddha Six Rod Windchime which emits melodious sounds to clear the air in its surrounding from bad chi and in turn brings good luck. You may choose to hang it in accordance with the Eight Trigrams Theory, i.e. in the West to activate children’s luck and creativity, in the North West for mentor luck, or to boost career luck in the North. It can also be used to enhance favorable Flying Stars, especially the #1, #6, and #8 stars. This item is also a powerful big metal cure to combat the malicious earth energies of the #2 Illness Star and #5 Fatal Star. Besides looking great and sounding fabulous, the combined energies from the powerful symbols will bring you blessings for success & authority, good health & vitality, joy & prosperity, protection from harm and help fulfill all your wishes.

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