Ammolite Star Of David Pendant With 925 Silver Holder And Chain


Great Feng Shui product to improve your life – Ammolite Star Of David Pendant With 925 Silver Holder And Chain.

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This is a Star of David Pendant crafted out of the rare and influential Ammolite stone set in a silver holder. The Hexagram, a six-pointed star composed of two interlocking equilateral triangles, is one of the oldest and most universal spiritual symbols used by a number of faiths and cultures throughout the world (Christian, Jews, Muslims, Buddhism, Hinduism, Occultism…). This geometrically elegant symbol is referred to by the Jewish as Star of David, or Magen David (Shield of David) and is the most iconic symbol in Judaism. This symbol is believed to create a kind of ongoing energy that promotes harmony, generates fortune, aids healing, and protects its owner from evil and negativities. Other names for the Hexagram symbol include Solomon’s Seal and Signet of Symbol of the Macrocosm.

Ammolite is a valuable opal-like organic stone created from the fossilized shells of ammonite, a sea creature that existed over 240 million years ago! Being a rare gem found only in one location in the world with a limited reserve and coupled with its stunning beauty, Ammolite is in fact an official gemstone; which is why the steep price tag.

Over the years, much has been made of its Feng Shui and healing powers, particularly important are the iridescent and sparkling radiance of the many colors of ammolite. Many experts in the Feng Shui circle name this precious stone the “Seven Color Prosperity Stone” because if examined closely, one will see the seeds of seven distinct colors encompassed within it with each color representing a different virtue.

Feng Shui masters and followers have recognized the significant properties of the ammolite gemstone in their practice and advocate the wearing this stone with beautiful interconnected mosaic fractures to promote the flow of positive “Qi” or energy throughout the body, bringing balance and peace, reducing the body’s toxicity, enhancing health and well-being, and stimulating growth, libido, wisdom, intellect, creativity, entrepreneurial ship and wealth luck.

Ammolite is also known by some Feng Shui practitioners as the “Chi Lin or Kei Loon Stone” because its color pattern resembles the scale of the Chinese mythical beast called the Chi Lin, a creature ahead of the dragon and body of a horse with carp-like scales on it. This auspicious Feng Shui creature is believed to bring about good fortune, luck, power, and vitality.

If you have extra money to spend, this piece of fine jewelry is a must. It will ensure your protection, health, wealth, and quality of life, more so when combined with the powerful symbol of the Hexagram!

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