Anrenshui Wu Lou with Rock Salt and Chinese Coins


The Anrenshui Wu Lou is the most popular symbol of health and longevity and it is the powerful Feng Shui product to subdue illness chi.

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This Anrenshui Wu Lou set comprises a white (metal element) jar designed in the shape of the curative Wu Lou to resolve unwanted energies, 6 brass coins, and a packet of rock salt. The body of the Wu Lou has the Chinese characters 安 (An) and 康 (Kang) which means safe and healthy. A twig with green leaves on the cap represents growth and vitality.

The Wu Lou is the most popular symbol of health and longevity and it is the powerful Feng Shui product to subdue illness chi, especially those brought by the #2 Sickness Star. It is said that Wu Lou can absorb sick energy inside the Wu Lou so that it can prevent the illness chi from hurting anyone. The Anrenshui Wu Lou cure, however, does more as the process takes care of 3 major Flying Star afflictions namely – the #2 Illness Star, the #3 Quarrelsome Star, and the #5 Misfortune Star (Wu Wang or 5 Yellow). Anrenshui is basically a strong Metal element cure (with the help of water as a medium) to weaken the #2 and #5 Earth and destroy the Wood energy of the #3 Star. The brass coins and number six which represent Big Metal, form powerful metal energy vital for this task. Additionally, Chinese coins are also a symbol of prosperity and wealth. This Feng Shui saltwater cure comes highly recommended by Feng Shui masters around the world as it is very potent and speedy in overcoming the nasty effects of these stars. Even if you don’t know your home’s flying stars’, salt cures help to absorb negative energy – especially after a sickness.

Pour the rock salt into the Anrenshui jar, then place six Chinese coins on top of the salt – make sure the four Chinese characters are facing upwards. Next, fill the jar to three-quarters full with water (don’t worry if the coins sink). As the water evaporates over the coming weeks, top up with more water. Over time, the salt will crystalize indicating that the cure is working well and absorbing the negative energy. For best results, the jar should be open to the air (not covered or in a cupboard) and placed in an area where it won’t be disturbed. A word of caution, the salt crystal formation may overflow, so remember to protect your floor or table with a waterproof mat.

You can change your Anrenshui cure once a year or more whenever the crystal build-up is too much. Never ever re-use the kit as it will have absorbed and accumulated a lot of negative energy. Care should also be taken at its disposal. Wrap the whole cure in an old newspaper and throw it into the refuse bin outside the home.

If in any given year these inauspicious stars – # 2, #3, or #5 – are located in your bedroom, living room, near your main entrance any other areas where you spend a lot of time in, such as the study, use the Anrenshui Feng Shui cure to negate the bad energy.

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