Bejeweled Golden Tortoise


Display the Bejeweled Golden Tortoise in your home to enjoy all the blessings associated with this auspicious animal- health, success, prosperity, long life, and good Feng Shui.

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This absolutely charming Bejeweled Golden Tortoise with intricately patterned shell encrusted with green crystals is indeed a lovely work of art. A veritable symbol of longevity, steadfastness, and perseverance the Bejeweled Golden Tortoise radiate positive vibes and good Feng Shui to its surroundings.

Being one of the Four Celestial Animals, or Guardians in Feng Shui, the Tortoise is sacred to and much loved by the Chinese as a symbol of longevity, stability, strength, support, and endurance. They have considered guardians of good Feng Shui energy and the origin of their symbolism goes way back to the beginning of Feng Shui. An animal that is the epitome of good health, the tortoise is the best icon of longevity. Whilst the Crane (another symbol of longevity) is said to live a thousand years, the tortoise is believed to survive up to 3000 years and therefore is extremely popular with those who seek to live a long and healthy life. Bearer of the magical Lo Shu square which all Feng Shui theories are based on, the tortoise is also a symbol of protection, success, wealth, and excellent Feng Shui.

Elegantly crafted, the Bejeweled Golden Tortoise has a secret compartment held together with magnetic clasps which can act as a wish-fulfilling box. Put on paper your secret wishes and keep them in the hidden compartment to enhance your chances for them to materialize. It can also serve as a hiding place for your favorite trinkets.

Display the Bejeweled Golden Tortoise in your home to enjoy all the blessings associated with this auspicious animal- health, success, prosperity, long life, and good Feng Shui. Besides being an eye-catching showpiece and beautiful collectible, you can also dazzle your loved ones with this lovely and meaningful gift.

Here is how you can use the Tortoise to Feng Shui your way to a better life.

1. Placing the Tortoise in the back portion of the North part of your home adds impetus to your career and eliminates obstacles to your work. In your office, place it in the North sector or behind you where you sit. According to the energy map of the 8 Trigrams Chart, the North governs your Career luck. This will help garner support from your boss or co-workers and protect you from the negative intentions of your competitors.

2. Display the Tortoise in the East corner of your living room or home to attract lots of health and prosperity luck, this being the Health Sector as spelled out in Pakua Life Aspiration Theory.

3. In Flying Star Feng Shui, Tortoises made from metal (brass, bronze, pewter, etc.) can be used to ward off the evil influences of #2 Black Star and #5 Wu Wang. The #2 Sickness Star causes illnesses and ailments whilst the deadly 5 Yellow brings a host of misfortunes to occupants. Placing the metal Tortoise in the affected sectors will disperse these hostile energies.

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