Bejeweled Red Dragon with Flaming Sword


Display a Bejeweled Red Dragon with Flaming Sword to guard you against harm, especially from the nasty effects of hostile #3 Star.

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The Bejeweled Red Dragon with Flaming Sword features the celestial Dragon armed with a powerful sword to cut through any obstacles in your way. The majestic-looking Dragon is gold plated and accented with dazzling red jewels and red highlights. The Dragon symbol is a powerful and auspicious traditional Feng Shui cure which not only brings good fortune but provides powerful protection against harmful energy whilst the flaming sword is conceived as vanquishing ignorance and eliminating darkness with the power of knowledge and wisdom. Additionally, the red (Fire) and gold (Metal) elements serve to weaken and control the Wood energy of the Argumentative #3 Star.

The Dragon, long revered for its supernatural powers and strength, is one of the most important and powerful symbols in Feng Shui. It represents the ultimate ‘Yang’ symbol, male vigor, courage, and bravery. In Chinese culture and Feng Shui, the dragon is the most auspicious and magnanimous has become the ultimate symbol of power, abundance, good luck, and honor. This legendary Guardian of the Eastern Skies is said to create the precious cosmic Chi or known as the ‘Sheng Chi’ which brings good fortunes into our homes and workplaces, making it an all-rounder bringer of prosperity, good career luck, and success. It is a powerful cure and enhancer for business luck, bestows foresight and wisdom to the elderly, brings honor to the family, protects the wearer, and paves the way for more accolades in coming years.

Be sure to display the Bejeweled Red Dragon with Flaming Sword in your home or place of work. Besides being a magnificent showpiece, the combined energies from these powerful symbols will grant you success, bring good fortune, and guard you against harm, especially from the nasty effects of hostile #3 Star.

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