Brass Abacus (Large)


Brass Abacus (Large). This item is for those seeking to attract more customers and increase sales.

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The abacus or ‘Suan pan’ is an ancient Chinese calculation tool used widely by Chinese merchants and clerks for daily trading and transactions. This abacus is made of high-quality brass adhered to a heavy rectangular marble piece. The beads slide smoothly on the wires.

The abacus symbolizes the spirit of entrepreneurs. Here is how the abacus can be used to feng shui your way to a better life.

1) Hang the abacus over the main door of your shop or establishment to attract more customers and help your business to prosper.

2) Place the abacus on the cash register of your retail shop to boost sales.

3) Place this brass abacus in the Northwest sector of your office or house to enhance your wealth luck according to the Pakua Life Aspirations Theory.

4) Display this brass abacus on your study desk if you are a student to enhance your academic success especially in the subjects like mathematics, accounting, physics, and economics. It is an excellent energizer when placed in the Northeast corner of the study room/desk as the Northeast sector governs educational luck based on the Pakua Life Aspirations Theory.

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