Brass Eight Immortals Coins Amulet


Hang the Brass Eight Immortals Coins Amulet in your wealth corner to attract auspicious money luck.

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This is a beautiful¬†Eight Immortals Coins amulet specially designed for Period 8 and especially potent as a wealth magnet because of its association with the lucky number 8. The number “8” is the reigning number of Period 8 (the year 2004-2024), and therefore will be the luckiest number in this 20-year cycle. The 8 coins are tied firmly with red thread and mystic knot which is said to further empower its energy. This piece denotes continued wealth for many generations and wealth luck coming from all 8 directions. Apart from bringing good fortune, these coins can also be used as a protective amulet.

Hang it in your wealth corner, above the front door of your house, at your workplace, or study to attract auspicious money luck. The coins may also be hung in your car to bring happy ventures and good tidings whenever you travel.

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