Brass Fu Dogs Seated Beside Shigandang Mountain


Place the Brass Fu Dogs Seated Beside Shigandang Mountain at the wall facing poison arrow pointing at you.

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This is a figurine of a pair of Fu Dogs seated next to a mountain engraved with the Chinese name “Shigandang”. The Shigandang mountain is an excellent cure to protect against evil spirits intending to disturb your family as well as Shar Chi or Killing energies in Feng Shui from poison arrows, sharp edges, T-junction, triangle roofs, and lamp posts. Accompanied by the beloved pair of mythical guardian Fu Dogs that nourishes the chi that enters the home or business premises, the Brass Fu Dogs Seated Beside Shigandang Mountain not only serves as powerful protection to dissolve bad energies but also brings good fortune, prevents thefts and burglary, blesses everyone in the family with good health and prevents accidents.

Shi Gan Dang is the name of an ancient exorcist master from the magic mountain Tai Shan in Shandong Province, who was famous for his skills at capturing evils and demons. As more and more people all across China asked for his help, Shi Gan Dang could no longer handle all their requests in person, and so he arranged to have his name carved on stone tablets that would act as surrogates. Since then, the Shi Gan Dang stone has been used extensively to block and subdue evil spirits. The Shi Gan Dang stone works great as a charm against evil spirits. Evil spirits and demons could no longer disturb houses protected by the Shi Gan Dang stone. They are simply too frightened by the mere sight of the name “Shi Gan Dang”.

Today, the Shigandang stone is available in many forms to further enhance its potency. One can find the name “Shi Gan Dang” and sometimes “Tai San Shigandang” engraved on the head of the Fu Dogs, on a mask, on a tablet with a Chi Lin or Dragon Tortoise The Shigandang is still widely used in Guandong and Hokkien provinces in China not only as a talisman against evil spirits but as a Feng Shui cure to deflect “Sar Chi” or “Killing breathe” caused by poison arrows such as T-junctions, pillars and beams. The Shigandang stone is preferred over Bagua mirrors to dissolve poison arrows because, unlike Bagua, it can be placed inside the house and it doesn’t harm the surroundings when placed inside or outside.

1. Display the Brass Fu Dogs Seated Beside Shigandang Mountain in your homes if your main door or windows facing cemeteries, funeral homes, and hospitals to prevent bad luck from negative energies brought by these locations.

2. Place the Brass Fu Dogs Seated Beside Shi Gan Dang Mountain inside the house if you feel your house has “unwanted” guests or outside as a protection against evil influences and negative energies.

3. Position Brass Fu Dogs Seated Beside Shigandang Mountain fairly high at the main door facing outward to safeguard your home or office from burglary, theft, and ill-intentioned people that mean you and your family harm. You can also place it on a small table opposite your main door inside the house.

4. Place the Brass Fu Dogs Seated Beside Shi Gan Dang Mountain at spots that are vulnerable according to the principles of feng shui. Place it at the wall facing poison arrow pointing at you. Poison arrows can manifest in many forms: offending poles, lamp posts, trees, large buildings, edges of buildings, a road headed towards you, T-Junctions, escalators, and other imposing structures, infrastructures, or landscapes in front of your house.

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