Avoid House that Facing a T-Junction


Houses that face a T junction a.k.a. oncoming road is one of the widely known afflictions in feng shui home tips. In fact, almost all Chinese know that it is impossible for anyone to sell a T-junction house to a Chinese family. The main reason is the fact that an oncoming road’s traffic is considered as a poison arrow towards the house. As well as the Chi coming from the road literally hits the house with sharp, aggressive and sha chi energies.

The best way to resolve these afflictions is to block the offending road from the view or soften the negative chi from the inside. For example, place a row of plants on the windowsills of windows that faces directly the junction. Neutralize the energies with crystal clusters on the front door. Hang up a good Bagua mirror on top of the main entrance will dissolve and block the hostile energies by entering the house.

Nevertheless, if your house is sited higher than the oncoming T-junction then the road will not bring harm to you and your family.