Brass Heavenly Majestic Pi Xie


This Brass Heavenly Majestic Pi Xie is lovely to own by those seeking to ward off bad luck, appease the Grand Duke Jupiter and increase your fortune.

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This pair of Heavenly winged Pi Xie is made with brass in a sturdy and alerting gesture, ready to take your orders and help to multiply your fortune. They are lovely to own by those seeking to ward off bad luck, appease the Grand Duke Jupiter and increase your fortune.

Highly recommended by Feng Shui practitioners, bring these faithful Pi Xie home today as your ” Feng Shui pets “!

What the Pi Xie / Pi Yao symbolizes and its Application in Symbolism Feng Shui:

The Pi Xie is a mystical creature that is a particularly powerful and auspicious creature of good fortune. It is said to have a voracious appetite that is infinite. The interesting part is that the Pi Xie does not have an anus, which means things only go in but never come out. It is therefore a favorite must-have for businessmen and merchants wishing loads of money rolling in without spilling out a dime. It is no wonder that Pi Xie can often be seen in banks, casinos, foreign exchange markets, and finance companies in Oriental countries.

Besides that, the Chinese adore the Pi Xie because of its protective, obedient, and loyal nature. It is believed that the Pi Xie will always try its best to fulfill its owner’s wish and protect its owner from any harm. Because of these capabilities, a smaller version of Pi Xie is often worn as an amulet or carried in one’s bag wherever one goes.

Here is how you can use the Pi Xie to Feng Shui your way to a better life.

1. Of all, the most revered property of the Pi Xie today has to be its ability to appease the Grand Duke Jupiter or Tai Sui. The Grand Duke Jupiter changes its direction every year and occupies 15 degrees of the compass sector. If confronted, it will bring misfortunes and a series of bad luck. Those afflicted with ‘Tai Sui should display the Pi Xie where the annual Grand Duke Jupiter resides. Pi Xie is an extremely powerful symbol that will help to appease the Grand Duke Jupiter and dissolve bad luck.

2. You should place a Pi Xie if you have just moved into a new home or renovated or carried out building work or are having a run of bad luck. Display this figurine anywhere in your living room to keep yourself away from harm and for protection in case you have offended any intangible bad forces during the process.

3. Many believe placing lottery tickets under the Pi Xie will bring good luck.

4. Place the Pi Xie at your work desk or reception counter to attract good fortune and protection from people with bad intentions that may cause physical harm.

* Note: Please avoid placing the Pi Xie in bedrooms, kitchen, and toilet.

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