Chinese Unicorn “CHI LIN” Feng Shui Water Feature


It is crafted into the mythical Chinese Unicorn Chi Lin, a powerful traditional symbol for good fortune as well as protection.

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Water, the source of life and vital for all known living beings has amazing healing power.  It cleanses, refreshes and restores energy in our lives. Water movement is thus one of the most potent ways to activate chi and thus Feng Shui luck.

A water feature is a simple and effective enhancer of good fortune that magnifies business luck, wealth luck and riches. Place a water feature in the correct corners of homes or business premises. This is the best method of energizing the wonderful essence of the water element. This offers the promise of enhanced money luck. It also provides the perfect mechanism to circulate and distribute good chi to energize your space. When applied correctly, it is a powerful prosperity generator. Besides, it will generally bring more opportunity to every aspect of your life.

This really is an impressive looking water feature made of resin to imitate colourful liuli crystals. Liuli literally means coloured glass in ancient Chinese but now it refers to an exquisite type of glass made from a special lost-wax casting technique (also known as pate-de-Verre or cire-perdue).

This lovely item, specially designed with Feng Shui in mind to generate prosperity chi and fortune luck will add Feng Shui beauty and auspicious chi to any home or office decor. It is crafted into the mythical Chi Lin, a powerful traditional symbol for good fortune as well as protection. For added potency, this charming sculpture sits on a pretty round bowl with a pair of dragons coiled around it.

The Chi Lin, also known as Kei Loon, is the Chinese Unicorn, a legendary creature with the head of a dragon, scales of carp upon the body of a horse, and a tail consisting of little curls. It sometimes called the dragon-horse. Its presence attracts the powerful cosmic breath of the dragon. It promises good omens, wealth, success, longevity, wisdom, compassion and distinguished children. The magnificent Chi Lin believes to have great protective abilities. It is also believed that if you look into the eyes of the Chi Lin it will bring you happiness and good fortune.

The most recommended by most Classical Feng Shui Masters is one that has a rolling ball mechanism incorporated in the water feature. For instance, this one. The strong pump raises water to the topmost of the water feature. Then, rolling the ball in the process. Next, cascades down to the basin below. The moving water and ball symbolize the never-ending turnover of good luck. Thus, will activate or create auspicious chi that will significantly enhance the aspirations you desire, with an amazingly positive effect on your wealth and health. This water feature has an internal light to draw happiness and positive regard.

Simply add water and switch on the power to add great impact to your wealth luck! Every home and office should have one.

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