Double Dragon Silver Paperweight


This beautiful paperweight consists of a silver plate intricately embossed with the image of a double dragon chasing a fireball.

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This beautiful paperweight cum display item consists of a silver plate intricately embossed with the image of a Double Dragon chasing a fireball, which represents the raw power and energy of the universe.

The Dragon is one of the four celestial animals and is a very important and powerful symbol in Feng Shui. It represents the ultimate ‘Yang’ symbol, male vigor, courage, and bravery. In Chinese culture and in Feng Shui, the dragon is the most auspicious and magnanimous, mightiest and most sacred of all creatures and to be treated with great respect. In ancient times, the dragon was the exclusive symbol of the imperial ruler of China. Through generations, the dragon has become the ultimate symbol of power, abundance, good luck, and honor.

The Dragon is said to create the precious cosmic Chi or known as the ‘Sheng Chi’ which brings good fortunes into our homes and workplaces, making it an all-rounder bringer of good luck. The Dragons are a powerful cure and enhancer for business luck, bring foresight and wisdom for the elderly, bring honor to the family, protect the wearer, and paves the way for more accolades in coming years.

The Double Dragon is said to double the good fortune and luck in all areas. In Taoist feng shui, it is said that the “doubling” of a good concept would double the effect of luck, such as doubling the magnitude of wealth, happiness, and success. Double dragons signify growth potential, especially auspicious to generate career enhancement, promotional luck, and multiplication in business opportunities, doubling of wealth resources, and doubling of good fortune for the family. This dragon is especially for those who are seeking growth and triumph over competitors in businesses, sales, and wealth multiplication. In ancient times, the double dragon seal was also known as the emperor’s seal because only the emperor was selfishly allowed to use this auspicious symbol of the most powerful authority.

Besides acting as a paperweight, this item makes a beautiful display and will sure to attract the attention of visitors and friends. It’s certainly an ideal for those who seek good fortune Feng Shui products with style and class.

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