Dragon and Phoenix Silver Ruler Paperweight


This beautiful paperweight consists of a silver plate intricately embossed with the image of a Dragon and Phoenix with the Chinese characters Fu Gui Qi Xiang.

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This beautiful paperweight cum display item consists of a silver plate intricately embossed with the image of a Dragon and Phoenix with the Chinese characters Fu Gui Qi Xiang, which denotes riches, honors, peace, and harmony.

The Dragon and Phoenix are two of the four celestial animals and are very important and powerful symbols in Feng Shui. The dragon symbolizes Yang and Phoenix symbolizes Ying. The Dragon denotes power, authority, wealth luck and is able to imbue you with authority luck, and social status. For the Phoenix, it is believed to bring incredible turnaround good fortune to those who had previously suffered from bad luck. They are the perfect couple and they support and complement each other as only true life partners can. When the Dragon and the Phoenix are depicted together, they symbolize the perfect Yin and Yang symbol, a pair of lovers that are connected for all of eternity, a happy marriage that is blessed with success and prosperity as well as many filial children.

Silver is a popular metal used in crafting Feng Shui items because, in terms of preciousness and mental energy, it is a close second to gold but costs much less. In Feng Shui terms, metal is a symbol of organization and holds its form well. It is associated with both wealth and protection. Think of all the weapons made from metal. Metal cures are often used to ward off evil influences. Some practitioners use metal in conjunction with other protectors, such as deities and animal images, or those of mythical creatures.

You can use this Silver strip as a paperweight, a collection display in your curio, glued to your furniture as an adornment, or anywhere you can think of with the exception of bedrooms and toilets. Besides benefiting from the auspiciousness these symbols represent, this ruler can also act as a Big Metal to suppress inauspicious energies brought by Earth flying stars such as the #2 illness star and #5 misfortune star. Also, a great enhancer where you need to strengthen the metal energies of a particular sector for example Northwest to enhance your Mentor luck.

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