Dual Sided Shakyamuni Buddha Perfume Stand


Display this Dual Sided Shakyamuni Buddha Perfume Stand to symbolizes protection, peace, and the dispelling of fear.

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This beautiful golden representation of Buddha captures him in deep meditation with his hands relaxed on his lap, and the tips of the thumbs and fingers touching each other – the Abhaya Mudra. This gesture symbolizes protection, peace, and the dispelling of fear. It is a uniquely designed piece with a double side image that is the back and front displaying the same image. This would offer more flexibility in your choice of display location and position. The glass base has a cavity with a small hole on top of it where you can fill in your favorite fragrance or perfume into the cavity to keep your space smelling nice.

Gautama, also known as Śākyamuni or Shakyamuni is the key figure in Buddhism. Shakyamuni is a Sanskrit word. Shakya, the Buddha’s clan name, means “able to be humane.” Muni means “sage.” Thus Shakyamuni means “Sage of the Shakyas.”

Gautama Buddha was a spiritual teacher in the ancient Indian subcontinent and the historical founder of Buddhism. He is universally recognized by Buddhists as the Supreme Buddha of our age. By tradition, he was born with the name Siddhārtha Gautama and, after a quest for the truth behind life and death, underwent a transformative spiritual change that led him to claim the name of Buddha. Buddha attained divine knowledge or “Bodhi” after six years of fasting and meditation. After enlightenment, Buddha shared his wisdom with all who asked.

A statue or painting of a Buddha is called a “Buddharupa,” in Sanskrit meaning “the form of an Enlightened One.” Buddhists have used such images for thousands of years to show how the Truth can be found within oneself through the practice of meditation and spiritual training. Thus, a statue of Shakyamuni does more than commemorate a historical figure; it is a reminder of the spiritual potential inherent within all of us to awaken to the Truth as He, a fellow human being, did – a symbol for wisdom, compassion, serenity, and transcendence.

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